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A thin facings that cover the front section of a tooth to make it look straighter and whiter or to repair damaged teeth.


The top part of the tooth is replaced to restore the appearance of a tooth and its function. Sometimes the inside of the root is removed and replaced with a post, the crown is then attached to the post. A crown can also be attached to a dental implant.


A bridge is a part of a multiple crown system which can span the space of missing teeth.

Inlays and Onlays

An inlay is similar to a veneer, it is a thin section of tooth made to fill a space which is too large for a filling.


Where a cavity in a tooth is repaired with a filling material. Smiles Centre only use white filling material (mercury free).


The removal of a tooth that cannot be saved.


A a removable device which replace missing teeth to restore appearance and function. We can supply a wide range of dentures to match specific needs; Metal Frame, acrylic, injection moulded, flexible, implant retained and implant stabilised.

Fixed Arch

Complete set of teeth which are fixed in to place with dental implants.


Teeth are buffed up to a nice shine to make them look cleaner and healthier.


We use painless ultrasound   to remove staining, plaque and tartar which makes the teeth look and feel great. This also has very beneficial health perks too and will make you breath smell fresher.

Teeth whitening

A home kit which contains 16% peroxide and a custom made tray for application. Despite bad press due to unregulated use and inappropriate bleach content, correct levels prescribed by a dentist is completely safe. With the bespoke close fitting appliance and regulated gel we can make your teeth look 2 shades whiter and will last for at least 2 years!

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