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Welcome to the Smiles Centre dental hub, this is our dedicated page for sharing our news and answering all your questions. You can post questions to us by commenting on an existing post or by getting in touch by email, Facebook or by phone. We are always looking to answer as many questions as possible so please don't be shy, get involved and, if you find something you like then share it with your friends.

February 21, 2018
Stuart Miles


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February 21, 2018
Pamela Zukowska

How long does teeth whitening last?

Depending on a few factors, such as diet, lifestyle and the natural shade of your teeth, professional whitening can last up to three years. The effect is less likely to last as long if you’re a smoker and if you eat and drinks products that can stain your teeth, for example curries, red wine, black tea. It is best to discuss this with your dentist before committing to any treatment.

Did you know?  

With our unique Smiles Whiter Plan you can have your routine dental and hygiene appointments, X-rays, free Emergency appointment, and ongoing whitening covered for just £24.99 a month! You would also receive 10% discount o across any dental treatment.

Still not sure if whitening is for you? Contact us on 01793 722 266 or fill in a contact request form for more information.


January 31, 2018
Stuart Miles

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January 31, 2018
Stuart Miles

Will dentist put you to sleep?

This is a question we get asked a lot at Smiles Centre, Swindon – will dentist put you to sleep?

The answer is yes, although, at Smiles Centre, we don’t currently offer this service, our dentists are able to provide a referral to local practice in Swindon who would be able to help. Please be aware that there are some very minimal risks involved with any sedation and there are alternatives that you could consider before commencing.

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Risks of Sedation

  • Respiratory depression or hypoventilation. This is essentially when the body does not receive enough oxygen.
  • Nausea (feeling unwell or as though you might be sick).
  • Hypoxia, which is the medical term for there being not enough oxygen reaching the blood or bodily tissues.
  • Hyperactivity (inability to pay attention).
  • Unintentional loss of consciousness

Alternatives to Sedation

I can refer you to a FREE 30 DAY PROGRAM to beat your fear of the dentist, this is an online program that you just follow for 30 days and it will help you to overcome your phobia in a natural way.
The other option is to ask our dentist to prescribe you some mild anti anxiety drugs which can help you relax at your appointments.

Everyone is different, so you must do what is right for you but as is always the case, it’s better that you have a full understanding of all your options. The best way to move forward is to discuss your options with one of our dentists and you could do this by taking advantage of our free meet and greet service.

I hope this helps you, as always, please comment if you have any questions

Stuart Miles, Smiles Centre

November 7, 2017
Stuart Miles

Another day another attempted break in at swindon dentist

Another day another attempted break in at swindon dentist

I really don’t know what the thieves are looking for!

The clinic in Beechcroft Road, Swindon has just been broken into again, this is the fourth time in a short space of time, I know all about burglaries having interrupted one in my house a few years ago. I understand and have empathy with these people, they are clearly desperate and probably needing to fund their drug addiction.

But a dental clinic? What are they actually hoping to find in a dental clinic?

Maybe, they need some toothpaste or something, I really don’t know but we have CCTV and a state of the art alarm system all connected up to mobile phones. This doesn’t deter them so they must be thinking that there is something worthwhile, the last break in involved  a car being driven through our front doors, it’s really quite incredible. There were actual prison sentences for that offence after DNI caught them out, what a lot of trouble to get into a dental clinic, I am baffled as to what they are looking for.

Keep your homes safe and secure, I hope you haven’t or never will have to go through anything similar to what we have either personal or business property.

Kind regards


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