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August 13, 2014
Stuart Miles

Another Beautician Prosecuted

Have you had your teeth whitening recently?

It is becoming a very popular treatment in the UK but many do not know that the only the qualified person to treat a patient for teeth whitening in the UK is a dentist or clinical dental technician, dental therapist or hygienist but even then it must be on the prescription of a dentist. Many beauticians are still offering this as a service because they are unaware of the law and more are being prosecuted every week, here is a recent prosecution >

The GDC has a statement regarding teeth whitening treatment >here<

I feel that not enough is being done to educate beauticians, it’s sad to see that so many are being prosecuted, hopefully the government or a governing body will invest some money to make people more aware of this situation. On Ebay, you can buy your own teeth whitening gel, not only is it above the legally recognised safe level of hydrogen peroxide ( 6% ) It is also states that children must be supervised when using the product! That is awful, children should not be using teeth whitening products in fact it is also against legislation to treat patients under the age of 18.

Horror Stories
To qualify as a dentist will take around 7 years training and lot’s of exams, our anatomy is very complex so it goes without saying that a dentist is the only person who should providing any form of treatment and teeth whitening certainly falls within this criteria. A beautician wouldn’t be qualified to know if teeth whitening was a suitable treatment, whether the patient has any signs of oral cancer or that the treatment would actually be effective. It’s also got be undertaken in a safe manner using the correct materials in a suitable environment; a dental clinic. A dental clinic has many standards to adhere to and is regulated by several bodies including the GDC and the CQC, the legislation for hazardous waste, infection control, patient care and medical notes is substantial and quite frankly laborious but it is there to ensure that clinics are safe places for patient treatment and continue to be.
I have read and heard a lot of horror stories about teeth whitening undertaken by beauty therapists, some are really bad leaving the person with sore gums but mostly its just complaints that it didn’t work. Many of these illegal providers are selling the whitening service for under £100, at Smiles Centre, we charge £396 and we make a modest profit at this price, I guess it comes down to the old saying “you get what you pay for” and  you really want to take that risk with your mouth?

August 13, 2014

The evolution of me…

smiles centre observation sheetsInteresting Times

Been an interesting few weeks at smiles centre as I have recently been enrolled on a course to become a CDT (clinical dental technician). At the present moment I’m a dental technician so this means that I am qualified to construct the appliances but take no part in the appliance being fitted. However since the enrolment of the CDT course I have been asked by my lecturers to participate in patient appointments and then write down my observations. So rather than just working upstairs in the background of smiles centre, I was able to see the appliances I worked to create; actually go into the patients mouth and see first hand. This is a totally different experience to what I’m used to, working entirely with plaster models and wax set ups. Its strange to thing to see, what you made being used in a context with another human, not just a plaster model. I expect there will be a lot more interaction between me and patients over the next few years which I hope to build on my experience and knowledge.

The Long Road

Despite this only being the first, almost “taster” course, they have given us a reasonable amount of homework to do and is perhaps a reflection of whats to come. Graham our CDT at smiles centre has done this course previous and has already warned us of the impending stress and work load that follows with the course. A part of me is looking forward to the work load, only a park of me though!.

The downfall of this course however is that I live in swindon, and the course is mostly in london. This means a lengthy journey on the coach or train and a night in the hotel before the course begins. So like last time I best fill my kindle with random films so I got something to do on the way.

I got a busy few years ahead of me doing this course with many journeys to and from London, plenty of learning and a good amount of writing. Its going to be busy few years for certain but with that much work ahead reminds me of a quote I recently heard which says “Its harder to think about pushing the wheelbarrow, than it is to just push the wheelbarrow.”“ Which I think refers to, how sometimes thinking and stressing about a job or activity is perhaps more draining and stressful than simply just doing it.

Either way I best prepare myself for some busy times ahead.

Smiles Centre Swindon Dental Clinic

August 13, 2014

“Dentures For Dummies” how is it made? Part 1


Ever wondered how a denture is made?

I’m Simon from The Smiles Centre in Swindon. I am going to be putting together a step by step guide on how a, or your denture is made. This will be minus the complicated terminology as I’m sure you get from the title but informative never the less. We will start from the initial impression, all the way through to the finished product.

Find your way to our website to meet the team behind this guide or just pop in for a coffee and a chat. I hope you find this interesting and helpful and if you have any questions I’m only a phone call away.

Thanks Simon Jennings.

July 30, 2014
Simon Miles

Opening Times

Beautiful Clinic at the Smiles Centre Swindon With Mark Truman and Poppy AldrichWhat is the best time for you?

We want give our patients the best service, exceptional service! So when should we open? We currently offer a late night (open until 9pm) every tuesday and an early morning on wednesdays (from 8.30am) and now we are thinking about opening on a Saturday. What would you prefer, morning or afternoon?

July 30, 2014
Simon Miles

A great month

eggThe Smiles Centre continues to improve and develop in all areas from customer care to product development but we also put some of our focus on growth, to deliver our fantastic service to even more people. This month has been good in all areas, especially growth and we are now in the process of finding a new dentist to join our team and hopefully put in place a saturday morning clinic for those that can only see a dentist at the weekend.

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