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September 11, 2014
Stuart Miles

Holiday Nightmare

Here is a story you might find interesting.
Recently, one of patients returned from their summer holiday in floods of tears, they had just experienced their worst ever holiday.
Our patient had booked a once in a lifetime world cruise, after saving for many years, this was to be the holiday of a lifetime. She booked the luxury cruise visiting many beautiful places in the world, several port stops, lots of sunshine and exciting times ahead with her husband and a couple of friends.
The first days went to plan, the food was fantastic, the entertainment was great and the staff were caring and very attentive.
Then just a week later, everything turned sour.
Our patient lost her dentures, we don’t know exactly this happened but in fact it is actually quite common for this to occur. The big issue in this scenario is that she didn’t have a spare set.
Our patient’s holiday was ruined because felt too embarrassed to go out and spent most of her time in the cabin, food became difficult to eat and her dream cruise was ruined.
It takes time to make replacement dentures so she had to continue her holiday with no teeth or catch an early flight home from the next port.
As she didn’t want to ruin her husbands holiday, she decided to wait but was very upset when she came back to see us.
So the moral of the story is ensure you have a spare set of dentures to hand.
I have an EXCLUSIVE OFFER for you for a spare set of dentures.
We will copy your existing dentures at a fraction of the cost of new ones. Until the end of September, copy dentures will be available at just £495 or £697 for a set.
One of our trainee technicians will be working alongside the principal Simon Miles CDT to produce the dentures for you so he gains a little bit of experience and you get a security of a decent set of spare dentures.
Can these dentures be used as a replacement of your existing ones?
Yes, is the short answer but it will depend on the quality and fit of your existing dentures as this price is based on “copying” your existing ones it may be better to have new ones constructed.
Why not book a free consultation with me and we can see what we can do for you.
The clinic number for booking is 01793 200018
September 6, 2014

Getting there…

If you’ve come and visited us at the Smiles Centre in the past 3 months or so, you probably would’ve seen me. The tall, skinny guy at the front desk who may or may not have made you a cup of tea.

Hi, my name is Filip 🙂

I’m 17 and this is in fact my first job- and what a job it is! Coming in to work every morning is like coming to a second home. Cup of coffee, done. Breakfast, done. It really is a special kind of place. I’m still in full-time education at New College and I’m studying Computing, Maths and Business Studies. I’ve been really lucky to join the Smiles team and provide them with my hard-working persona. I’m gaining confidence and self-driven skills with new challenges being made every day!

When I first started, I had to ask all my colleagues about how to do a certain thing and I used to get…scared, when there was pressure put on me. If you compare my work now compared to when I first started, it’d be like a day-and-night-difference! Some of the challenges I had to face was to actually understand the dental terminology and vocabulary. It was all gibberish at the start- honestly, it was a different language to me. But with the help of my wonderful team I managed to grasp most of it fairly quickly, thanks guys!

After serving many, many patients, I’ve realized how much quality of life our service at the Smiles Centre brings to people. Being able to smile is one thing, but being able to smile and feel happy and proud about it, is another. Hence, if you come to Smiles, we will make you feel better about your smile than ever before!

Hopefully, see you soon. Thank you for reading!

September 5, 2014
Simon Miles

Dental Friends

Little child with two thumbs upWe Are Your Dental Friends

If you are worried about going to see a dentist, now you don’t need to be, check out our very popular “Meet & Greet” service

Its a complimentary appointment that we offer, you get to meet your new prospective dentist or other dental care professionals before you decide if you would like them to treat you. We’ll make you a nice cup of tea, have a chat and show you around. If you would like to take advantage of this great service, just fill in the online form >HERE< or simply give us a call on 01793 200036 and ask for a meet and greet appointment, simple!


August 26, 2014
Pamela Zukowska

Loose Teeth?

Loose teeth problems are not only associated with children or babies who have their milk teeth fall out – these problems can also occur in adults. Loose teeth can cause embarrassment, pain, and discomfort when they are left untreated for a long period of time; the teeth that have become loosened may even lead to permanent tooth loss if the dental problem is not seen and treated effectively by a dentist early enough.

Causes of dental mobility:

Gum Disease (Periodontal Disease) – gum disease is one of the most common causes of loose teeth. When a gum disease is left untreated, the gums and the surrounding bone structure that support the teeth can weaken and become damaged – causing the teeth to become loose, and eventually fall out.
Dental Injuries – Dental injuries and accidents (due to falls, playing sports, or other trauma) can cause teeth to become loosened from their sockets. The force directed to the mouth or teeth area may be enough to totally knock off teeth in some cases.

Improper Teeth Alignment – improperly aligned teeth can cause additional stress and pressure in the way the teeth come in contact with one another. Over the passage of time, this pressure can cause teeth to move in an abnormal manner as the supporting structures surrounding the teeth weaken – causing the teeth to become loose.

Teeth GrindingBruxism or unconscious teeth grinding can also contribute to the development of loose teeth with intense and regular pressure.

Radiotherapy to the face and neck can cause long-lasting side effects or new side effects that develop months or even years later. These are called long-term or late effects. Two of the most common late effects are a dry mouth and an increased risk of tooth decay. Bone exposed to radiation can sometimes break down because of a decreased blood supply which can lead to loose teeth.

Treatments available:

Periodontal treatment (Hygiene) – regular appointments with a hygienist/therapist will improve general oral health and especially gum problems. Instead of just giving your teeth a good clean, our therapist Amanda will go thorough oral hygiene techniques and she will make sure you understand why it’s important to follow a good oral hygiene routine. Loose teeth may become firmer after periodontal treatment. However, teeth which remain less than firm after treatment can continue to function adequately for many years.

Splinting – there are two basic types of periodontal splinting, with some variation. The first is “extra-coronal splinting”, in which a stabilizing wire, fiber-reinforced ribbon, or similar stabilization device, is bonded to the outsides of the teeth like a fixed orthodontic retainer. The second is “intra-coronal splinting”, in which a slot is milled into the affected teeth, and the stabilizing device is inserted into the slot and bonded in place. This can make the splint less visible, but accomplishes the same goal of immobilizing the teeth.

Extraction – this is the most drastic treatment and we would only extract the tooth in very severe cases. At Smiles we always try to save the tooth before even considering an extraction.

However, if you have to have a tooth taken out there are many options to replace it – I will talk about this in my next post.

Thank you for taking time you read my blog!

Pamela Zukowska, Trainee Dental Nurse 


August 22, 2014

“dentures for dummies” how is it made? Part 2

imageTaking Your Impression

In the picture is what’s needed to take your impression, minus the monkey. The alginate in the spoon is mixed thoroughly with water to make a smooth paste. This is then put into the impression tray and used accordingly.

The Art of Taking An Impression.

This is something that i have been practicing recently ready for my training as a Clinical Dental Technician at the Smiles Centre. I have observed as much as possible in our clinics and found that it’s not as easy as it looks or is made to look.  The requirements are skill, a good team around you and a relaxed patient… But as ever, practice makes perfect.



This is how it looks once removed. This will be for upper and lower dentures for one of our patients. The patient has a great amount of bone remaining on the upper but not so much on the lower. Tooth placement here will be key. These will now be disinfected, bagged and tagged.

That’s all for now, next time we go upstairs.
Thanks Simon Jennings.

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