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Welcome to the Smiles Centre dental hub, this is our dedicated page for sharing our news and answering all your questions. You can post questions to us by commenting on an existing post or by getting in touch by email, Facebook or by phone. We are always looking to answer as many questions as possible so please don't be shy, get involved and, if you find something you like then share it with your friends.

August 1, 2016
Jess Foulds

Receive 10% Off Private Dental Care!


Many of us hear the words private dental care, and dread to think about the cost element. I have seen so many patients come from NHS to us here at the Smiles Centre. With good and bad stories. Once patients come to see us and see how easy going we are and affordable it is a definite game changer.

The first time you visit us we will offer you a FREE dental consultation. This is a basic overall check up, the dentist will chat to you about your oral health, ask questions about diet, smoking, previous oral health and other health issues we need to be aware of. We do request a £25 deposit upon booking your appointment but this is refundable on the day, which will secure the appointment & the dentists time. If X-Rays are needed on this appointment we can use this deposit to cover this cost.

So you have been checked over by our dentist, and they have given you a treatment plan, this consists of the work they have recommended in order to keep your oral health up to scratch and preserve and stop future problems occurring.soda2



HERE is the difference – we talk to you about the treatment that needs to be done – we discuss ways of making it affordable reducing your treatment by 10% at least, what the treatment would involve how long your appointment would be, what days would suit you round work, children and other lifestyles.

The best way to get your discounts and free dental checks, hygiene cleans, and x-rays is to sign up to our monthly smile plans. We cater for all types of patients, Solo’s, Couples (friends, partners etc) Familys (up to 6 members) all starting from as little as £9.99 per month. On average just based on the very minimal you need for overall care you save minimum of £255 per year!


Come and join us here



Call me to book your FREE DENTAL CHECK with us 

01793 200036






July 6, 2016
Jess Foulds

Why Choose CFast? – Me and My Brace



Good Afternoon Everyone!


So I decided after over 17 years of really disliking my crossed over front teeth that I would get a brace fitted. I have always received comments about me being a very smiley character, but deep down I knew that the crossed over teeth at the front made me very self conscious. I think we all have little bits about us we dislike.  As much as I am terrified of the dentist, I trusted Smiles enough to go through the getting CFast brace fitted.

My first appointment was just a general check up, and x-rays to make sure that my teeth weren’t going to fall out and that I didn’t need any major fillings. Turns out after all the years of putting off going to the dentist I actually don’t need any fillings (which I was relieved about!!) I felt very lucky indeed! – Probably need to thank my mum at this point for not allowing us kids to have too many sweeties and fizzy pop growing up (thanks Mum!)

Once I had the Initial Consultation ~ which was free! I then waited a few weeks to go back in the chair so Mark could take further photos, x-rays and impressions ready for the CFast brace.

I must admit the impression did make me want to gag a bit, but Mark was great and reassured me every single stage as to what he was going to do. Even though at one point I think I may of bit his finger my accident!

Once they had been done, they went off to be cast up ready for the fit.

2 Weeks later which takes us to yesterday; they arrived and were ready to be fitted! At this point I was very stressed, and anxious about being in the chair for an hour! But with the radio going and both Tasha (our dental nurse) and Mark (the dentist) calming me down I wasn’t too bad.



Felt the worst part about the whole hour was having the Rubber Dam inserted in my mouth, it basically keeps the lips away from your gums and teeth making it easier for the dentist to work on your brace. For me it was about being relaxed enough and not laughing as I knew I looked like a plonker.



With a lot of reassurance from Mark through out the hour I was in the chair it was fine, not the most pleasant nor relaxing moment of my life but I am hoping to show you a huge improvement over the coming months! My next check up is in 2 or 3 weeks so lets see how this improves my smile.



FIRST FULL DAY WITH CFAST—–> Will keep you all up to date!


If you are wanting to know more about the cfast brace please give me a call for an appointment to come for your free consultation!


01793 200036







June 28, 2016
Jess Foulds

FREE ADVICE – are you pregnant and need a dentist?


Dental Health and Healthy Pregnancy

Everyone knows that with pregnancy comes many huge physical and biological changes. Did you know that your oral health changes too! It’s true, and it means that your dental needs and care will change as well.

What should you watch out for during your pregnancy?

With massive fluctuation of hormones it is common for women to experience red, puffy, gums to some degree. Some women even experience bleeding gums, sensitiveness and irritable inflammations to boot.


This is commonly known as “pregnancy  gingivitis” and the best way to prevent it is to make sure that you are flossing and brushing your teeth twice each day with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste, and ensure that you are seeing your dentist regularly.

Floss Regularly
Floss Regularly

Morning Sickness is not the most comforting thing to contend with during pregnancies, however be aware that the strong stomach acids that pass through your mouth when you vomit are extremely corrosive to your teeth. If not cleaned properly, these acids can damage teeth enamel and cause a lot of tooth decay. To help prevent excessive damage make sure you rinse your mouth out immediately after experiencing morning sickness prior to brushing your teeth and flossing.


What are the risks of having bad oral health while pregnant?

Studies have shown that there is a definite connection between poor oral health in expectant mothers and possible complications with the birth. These complications can include premature contractions for the mother, a premature birth, a low birth-weight for the baby, or infection in the newborn child. Gingivitis in pregnant women that is left untreated is the main culprit for these complications, as the bacteria in the mother’s mouth is swallowed and transferred to the baby through blood and the womb’s amniotic fluid.

Brush Often
Brush Often

Should I still go to the dentist while pregnant?

Definitely! This is a critical time in your life when your mouth and overall health will be changing dramatically. Be sure to schedule regular dental cleanings throughout your pregnancy for the health of your and your baby, and have your dentist keep an eye on your overall oral health.


Is it safe for me to have dental procedures done during pregnancy?

In general, routine and non-emergency procedures such as regular teeth cleanings can be performed and are highly recommended throughout pregnancy. Procedures that can be postponed, however, should usually be held off until after pregnancy so as to not cause unnecessary stress on the you and baby.

Your dental professionals will never perform procedures that could make you uncomfortable while pregnant, or that could cause any potential harm. So, obviously, the most crucial step is to notify your dentist when you discover that you’re pregnant, and before you’re sitting in the dentist’s chair.

Can I still receive dental x-rays during pregnancy?

The radiation emitted by dental x-rays is not high enough to actually affect a developing baby in the mother’s womb, so there is no need to worry. However, many expectant mothers still prefer not to have routine dental x-rays done, for comfort’s sake.

What if I don’t have a dentist?

Having a dentist that you feel comfortable with is essential, not just during your pregnancy, but throughout your life. If you are looking for a dentist that specialise in prenatal oral care, has a knack for working with nervous patients, please give us a call at Smiles Centre for your FREE DENTAL CONSULTATION.

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June 23, 2016
Jess Foulds

Common Misconceptions of Private Dentists!

smiles team 2016

I’ve been working at Smiles Centre now for 2 months. Coming into the ever changing dentist industry is definitely challenging.

I love it!

Always something new to learn, different methods, different patients everyday with amazing and sometimes shocking stories.

When most patients come to Smiles Centre it’s because they have had bad experience with their previous dentist, or looking for something their old practice couldn’t assist with; such as a dentures, financial help with treatment, cfast, botox, teeth whitening.


When a new patient comes to Smiles Centre we always recommend they take up our Free Dental Consultation, this is mainly for the dentist to give an overview of what treatment we recommend (if any).

This appointment generally takes 30 minutes with x-rays. Once this has been done all patients come and sit with me to go through what treatment our dentist has recommended.

Alot of patients believe that going to a private dentist is expensive, and treatment is forced upon them. It’s actually quite the opposite. 

We offer:

Dental plans – these are brilliant, saving you a minimum of £240 per year on dental care plus 10%-15% discount on treatment.

0% Finance – When the dental treatment is more expensive than you were expecting  we can help spread the cost to make it more affordable.

These two fundamental points are what makes us different! We want to be able to provide patients the treatment, great service, the comfort, the support, the care and make it easier and affordable.

So if you have doubts regarding your current dentist or had a bad experience come and book a FREE consultation with us, come and share your stories!

To book you free consultation.. call 01793 722266


June 17, 2016
Stuart Miles

Would this POSITION suit You?

Would you like to work 10-3 Monday to Friday for a growing company?

Do you have a strong work ethic with an attitude to succeed?

Are you self motivated?

Clean Driving Licence?

Friendly, Happy and Out-Going?

If you answered yes to these questions then we want to hear from you. We are looking for an enthusiastic person to join our team as a “promotional driver”

This is a new and exciting role at Smiles Centre and one that we are keen to find the right person, it’s a very important position for us, here are some of the benefits:

A company car to use

Salary + Commission

Pension and Holidays

Working with a growing company with future opportunities

The Role

Working from 10-3, you’ll be undertaking a daily delivery to and from our sister company Olivestone Dental Laboratory an in between working with the management team for promotional activities such as dropping leaflets to houses or setting up promotional stands. You will also be required to collect some patients for appointments and manage your own diary. You will need to answer calls from patients wishing to use our new free taxi service. Our goal is very much to deliver exceptional service to our patients at all time and this will be a priority, when collecting patients, you may be required to make special arrangements, having drinks or newspaper available. The person will be expected to work outside their normal hours at times and these hours could be subject to change. There will be other duties such as booking company in for a service, repairs, collecting and delivering parcels and also cleaning.

It’s a role for someone who likes to be busy!

So, if this position excites you, we want you to follow this instruction.

Hand deliver a CV and a cover letter in a blue envelope to our practice marked FAO Pamela or Stuart. Please note, we are not looking for the most qualified and the reason we ask for a blue envelope will become apparent.

This role is to start ASAP but we will wait for the right candidate

Closing Date – Tuesday 21st June at 3pm