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It's only a small book and doesn't take long to read but it's jam packed with loads of really useful tip and information on what to look for when considering a new denture and what to watch out for too! I'm a Clinical Dental Technician with over twenty years of experience in making dentures so I've learnt a few thing over the years. Not just technical knowledge either but some really basic facts about dentures that most people just don't know about.
So if you want to get clued up on everything you need to know and more, just fill in the form to download the PDF download right now.


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Simon Miles DIP RCS (Eng) Clinical Dental Technician Blue Box

About the author
Simon Miles has years of experience in making, designing and providing dentures for hundreds of people. He qualified in clinical dental technology in Canada and qualified as a clinical dental technician at the royal college of surgeons in london. Simon has developed many new techniques in the development of dentures in Dental laboratory which he set up in 1999 and has trained many technicians during and before this time. He has also mentored several dental technicians whilst they trained as clinical dental technicians. In writing this book, simon has drawn on all his knowledge and experience of dentures and has written it in the attempt to answer all the questions that his patients often ask him and to even address some of the areas that most of us are not even aware of. In short, this book is a treasure trove of information to any denture wearer and well worth the read.

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New Denture Testimonial

“My old denture was a nightmare from day one. Everything about it was wrong, it didn't fit and it didn't look right. My new denture is 100% better. Simon explained about the benefits of having a metal denture and how it would suit me better and I’m so glad he did because this one just clips in, I don't even know I have got it in! Thank you it's wonderful.”

Jennifer Couling

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