5 Simple Steps to Help Improve the Comfort of Your Denture!


Most people who have dentures (full plates or partials) will understand the annoying times when your denture feels like a brand new pair of shoes you’re trying to break in, or a pair of underwear that keeps riding up but you have yet to separate them in the draw so you don’t wear them! Or the dentures are like a good ole faithful pair of trainers that look like they have walked 1,000,000 miles through mud.

Too loose – the denture move around too much, so you add more fixadent but end up with a nasty taste or look like you have eaten too much chewing gum!

Too tight – The denture causes you ulces or blisters – Like those amazing shoes you bought in a sale but they are just a bit tight on one foot but you wear them anyways because they look amazing!

Don’t sparkle – When you first got your denture you had that beautiful Hollywood glow about you, but now they are dim and making you smile less

Eating out – the worst thing in the world is to be out eating at your favourite restaurant and you have a denture crisis, and cant finish those last few mouthfuls of the very expense Steak and Blue Cheese Sauce…

emergency denture repairsHere at Smiles Centre we can help reduce the issues you may have with your current denture…

  • Reline Your Denture – This procedure could help reduce the slipping and sliding of your denture

  • Denture Adjustments – Finding a sharp edge or is the acrylic rubbing your cheek or gum, this service may help you 

  • denture broken repair smiles centre fix swindonRepair Your Denture – Has your tooth broken off the denture, or have you dropped it and it remains in two parts. Contact us for Express Repair Services

  • shutterstock_155094767-300x264Denture Cleaning Kit – DIY KIT – Come and see a demonstration and see how easy and little effort it takes to shine and polish your dentures.

  • Denture Cleaning Service – We can help polish up your dentures within 20 minutes

  • Find out more about getting a New Denture – Book your FREE Denture Consultation with me to find out more about our unique denture packages

  • SP DentureExtend or Join your Denture Plan – Own a denture or your Smiles Denture Cover expired? Get cover for as little as £250 and win yourself some free goodies!



For any of the above services please contact me direct for more information

 01793 200038

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