A growing business

11114769_10152992228058318_1293088324835022963_nI’ve had a great day today, I didn’t get a lot of what I wanted to get done today (sorry Poppy, we will take you out for lunch soon!) but I did go and look at a new property for our expanding dental laboratory. At present we only facilitate the construction of acrylic dentures, but, the plan is to be able to start providing all our patients with other dental devices like crown, bridge and metal denture frames. It’s not that we can’t supply them already, we just don’t have the facilities to construct them in our laboratory so we have to send them out to be produced by other, larger dental laboratories. Im not sure if we will move forward with this property yet but, if we do we certainly have our work cut out!

I’m getting really excited about the prospect of getting a new premises, and to finally have the space, not just to facilitate the new dental laboratory but also have a fully functional workshop for other projects too. Well, time will tell if we do decide to go ahead with this one, I’ll keep you posted!




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