What is the amazing history of Dental Care?

What is the amazing history of Dental Care?

What is the amazing history of Dental Care?- This is an interesting question to answer.

What is the amazing history of Dental Care?

So, what is the amazing history of Dental Care?

Well, some people know when diving headfirst into history that it can be hearsay but there is some truth in what is noted down by historians and/or people of the time period.

Here are some interesting facts about dentistry and where it all began:

  • Did you know up until the Regency Era, people never really cared about their teeth?
  • Also, some people sold their teeth for money?
  • And that only the rich used toothpicks? – This fact is mind-blowing because when thinking back to our history from what it is today, it really has changed.
  • The first toothbrush was made during the Georgian Era but Tooth Picks were around during Ancient Egyptians and toothpastes were called toothpowder’s!– How intriguing, right?
  • The first toothbrush was made with boar bristles and held in place with metal wire on a piece of wood, 1780.
  • Boar bristle remained until 1938, boar natural fibre bristles were replaced by nylon bristles and are what we mainly use today.
  • The intriguing part is that dentistry itself has been around a lot longer, as early as 5000 BC.
  • The first Dental College was introduced 1840 in Baltimore America- this was basically established as the first dental school. However, in Britain, it was in 1820, just after the Regent king George IV became King, there was a man called Claudius Ash who established a dental manufacturing company based in London. Check out this link from Google: when+was+the+first+dentist+in+britain
  • In 1948, the inception of dental practices just after World War 2, and that the NHS founded and is still in practice and celebrated today.

So why is the history important to now in the 21st Century?

By understanding the history of Dental Care, we can adapt methods and make changes to make sure that they’re safe. It is amazing to understand and dive deep into what was practiced then to what it is now.

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