An amazing weekend

The weekend started on thursday, I had booked the day off so that i had plenty of time to travel to london and get settled in my hotel. it was a lovely hotel and the aircon was such a relief after battling through the muggy underground! I had arranged to meet another cdt friend of mine there, he was in the same cohort as me whilst training as a CDT. he was running late though so I sat for a while drinking a nice cold guinness as I watched the world go by outside. When he did turn up he looked a little flustered. He had found a bag and wallet on the train which contained about £200 cash a few cards and other personal belongings, so Andy had tried to get it back to its owner. Andy contacted the credit card company and explained that he had found the bag and could they pass on his details. It transpired that the man who had lost the bag lived very near to my friend and after chatting on the phone to him, the man booked up for a new set of dentures! Well that good deed of the day certainly paid off!

we finished our beers and headed out to find somewhere to eat, and as we left we bumped into three other CDT friends, all from the same cohort as us. What a surprise! and they too where just going out to find somewhere to eat. we found a nice little indian restaurant and had a really good night out. I didn’t drink too much because I had a course to do the very next day!

The reason I had gone to london was because I had an advanced implant course on the friday, which increased my scope of practice to allow me to remove and place dental implant abutments. This is a very useful step forward for me and all CDT’s that do the course, especially for those of us who see a lot of implant cases. you can find out more about our implant treatments >>here<<

We also did a teeth whitening course which now allows us to carry out teeth whitening. The patient still has to see a dentist first to make sure that all the teeth and gums are in a good condition before the treatment is started. So until cdts can carry out this treatment without a dentist, I think i’ll just leave it to mark! Find out more about our teeth whitening >>here<<

I got back home on the friday night and then it was back out again on saturday to one of my brothers house because he was having a barbecue. it was a bit wet but still great fun! I left the party a bit earlier than the others because I have to small children who were starting to get grumpy and then I spent the whole day sunday just relaxing. Perfect!

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