Another day another attempted break in at swindon dentist

Another day another attempted break in at swindon dentist

I really don’t know what the thieves are looking for!

The clinic in Beechcroft Road, Swindon has just been broken into again, this is the fourth time in a short space of time, I know all about burglaries having interrupted one in my house a few years ago. I understand and have empathy with these people, they are clearly desperate and probably needing to fund their drug addiction.

But a dental clinic? What are they actually hoping to find in a dental clinic?

Maybe, they need some toothpaste or something, I really don’t know but we have CCTV and a state of the art alarm system all connected up to mobile phones. This doesn’t deter them so they must be thinking that there is something worthwhile, the last break in involved  a car being driven through our front doors, it’s really quite incredible. There were actual prison sentences for that offence after DNI caught them out, what a lot of trouble to get into a dental clinic, I am baffled as to what they are looking for.

Keep your homes safe and secure, I hope you haven’t or never will have to go through anything similar to what we have either personal or business property.

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