Art of Dentures

oil denture 02I painted this picture a few weeks ago, because I realised I had never painted a denture before. I have made many over the last 30 years and I have also painted many painting in that time too, of all sorts of things, but never painted a denture. You would think that painting a denture for someone who has spent more than half of his life making them would be a bit boring, it’s certainly not the sort of painting most people would want on their wall either, but i actually really enjoyed it and it was probably one of my quickest paintings too. I suppose, working with them for so long I have a good understanding of the objects form and characteristics, I know the object inside out, literally!

Tech DentureI’ve always had a passion for art, for as long as I can remember. Becoming a dental technician, for me, was a dream come true. The chance to not only sculpt incredible life like pieces of art but to be creating them for a solid purpose, a reason that holds an amazing potential for many people. I can’t actually imagine how many thousands of dentures I’ve made over the years and I’ve sure I must have changed a lot of lives for the better. Just imagine the limitation you would face if you had missing teeth that could not be replaced, the loss of chance of the perfect loved one, or that perfect job that you always wanted that just slips away because the business owner was looking for someone with a lovely smile. How would a nice new set of dentures change your life? Or the life of a loved one? There are many things we need to consider when making a denture but they can be explained in 3 different areas; Cosmetic, function and comfort. Cosmetic is all about how good the look, how real and natural. Function is concerned with how well they can be used to actually eat with, dentures are not just to make you look better, they are the first primary function of the digestive system, and without a full set of functioning teeth, your digestive system could be compromised. Finally we look at comfort, which can be a mine field and one of the most challenging aspects of making dentures, how do you get a piece of rigid plastic to sit comfortably against the soft tissues of them mouth without causing discomfort? Well let me tell you, it’s not easy, even for someone with as many years of experience as I have. In my experience, if you get the other two right, comfort follows. If you need new dentures, give us a call now to book your free denture consultation or visit our website to find out more about our dentures and how they could change your life.

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