Can you brush a baby’s gums? If so, How do you do it?

Can you brush a baby’s gums? If so, How do you do it?

Can you brush a baby’s gums? If so, How do you do it?– This is an interesting question to answer and one we will be diving into, keep reading to find out more.

Can you brush a baby’s gums?

The answer to ‘can you brush a baby’s gum’s?’ is fairly simple and it is YES you can! 

For this, we would recommend brushing a baby’s gums between 3-6 months old, or when they start getting teeth. You should use a soft bristle brush/silicone finger brush with baby toothpaste.

Can you brush a baby's gums? If so, How do you do it?

However, some dentists would say as soon as possible to start brushing your baby’s gums. But it is a matter of preference for you as the parent and/or guardian. It is up to YOU to decide when you should consider brushing your baby’s gums.

So, how do you do it?

  • Research first, always do you research if you are a first time parent, you would want the best for you baby and what would be considered as the best.
  • Order what ever is the best such as a silicone finger brush as it is gentle for the baby.
  • As the baby teeth grow in and develop, a soft bristle toothbrush you can use and actually if you give the toothbrush to the toddler they’ll get into the habit of brushing their teeth.
  • Baby toothpaste or suitable toothpaste for young children especially the toothpaste has to be fluoride free (no-fluoride) or just water. Check out this blog for more information: teach-good-dental-habits-children
  • Bare in mind that all baby’s are different and their teeth and gums are unique but still follow the development process.

Simply giving the baby the toothbrush to play with and explore will make the process of brushing teeth a lot more enjoyable.

Why is it important to brush a baby’s gums?

Well, brushing the baby’s gums is vital because they are prone to tooth decay (bottle tooth decay) due to the sugary milk. When you brush the baby’s gums you are preventing tooth decay early.

It’s important, especially for a first time parent, we all want what is best for our baby’s and children, and if you decide to start brushing you baby’s gums, no one should judge due to the fact you are putting your child first and the child’s heath first. Don’t worry at all!

Here at Smiles, we are glad to help you and answer your questions. As well as to help you with your best dental care plans for you and your child. We always put your needs first, and if you have worries we will listen and put a plan together with you.

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