Can I Remove White Spots on My Teeth?

If you have white spots on your teeth, you may be able to remove them with ICON treatment provided by a dentist. Not all dental practices can provide this service so worth checking with them before booking an appointment.

At Smiles Centre in Swindon, our dentist Kate Hollands is able to provide ICON treatment for you to remove the white spots.

What are the white spots on my teeth?
White spots are actually quite common in adults and children but cannot be removed with other cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening, the spots are not staining but can be caused by past trauma, demineralisation and fluorosis, there are also other potential causes.

White Spots Caused by Trauma
Trauma to the teeth when they erupt can produce a mottled appearance that remains visible long-term but this can usually be easily treated with the ICON procedure.

White Spots Caused by Deminerilsation
When plaque builds up on the teeth this can create acid that leaches the minerals from the enamel causing the white spots to appear on the teeth. Having braces fitted and not being able to brush properly for long periods of time will often cause this.

White Spots Caused by Fluorosis
This happens because of high levels of fluoride exposure, usually when the teeth are developing, however, it is usually easily treated with ICON treatment.

Other Options to Remove White Spots
There are other options to remove white spots if ICON isn’t available to you, these might include veneers or composite bonding and it would be advisable to speak to your dentist about this, the advantage of having ICON treatment is that is non-invasive so there is no damage to existing teeth like there might be with other alternative treatment options.

Can I Remove White Spots on My Teeth? Video

The Results of Removing White Spots Using ICON Dental Treatment
The results can be absolutely amazing for such a quick and non-evasive treatment, just look at these before and after photos to see the impact this had for our patient Beth at Smiles Centre. 

before ICON dental treatment
Before Icon Treatment

After ICON Dental Treatment

After ICON Dental Treatment

It is quite incredible.

What Does It Cost For ICON Treatment?
At Smiles Centre, we charge £189 per tooth for this service, it can be a very cost-effective way to a happier and more confident smile.

If you would like to discuss this further then just head over to our Contact page where you can either book a full dental consultation or a free meet and greet if you’d like a little more information, this can also be helpful for nervous patients.

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Is ICON treatment Available on NHS?
It is highly unlikely but Smiles Centre is a fully independent private practice so we are unable to offer any advice on NHS services. This would most likely be classed as “cosmetic” and there are less likely to be NHS dentists with the training to provide this treatment.



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