Celebrities Smile.

Celebrities Smile

Celebrities Smile.

Look at her t…..
Kirsten Dunst Celebrities Smile

Ok so heres a better picture of Kirsten Dunst and her celebrities smile, a bit younger here but she still has the same teeth.

Kirsten Dunst  Celebrities Smile

See the lateral here that sticks out, just like mine. She’s not beautiful because of her crooked teeth, my crooked teeth certainly don’t make me beautiful, so what is it that makes us all feel bad about our teeth? Well its a natural instinc to find teeth and eyes attractive. Bright alert eyes, healthy gums and white teeth convey good health and therefore a long term mate. Straight teeth do not enter this equation though, and sometimes crooked teeth can be an attractive feature also.




Lets look at another celebrities smile. Here’s an image of Scarlett Johansson when she was younger, here teeth are not straight but she still looks great!

Scarlett Johansson  Celebrities Smile

Here’s a picture of her when she’s a little older, towards the end of her brace treatment and you can see how much straighter her teeth are, clearly an improvement on her teeth before the treatment.Scarlett Johansson  Celebrities Smile

But what about the other things that affect the way our teeth look, like colour, shape and size etc?

Heres another celebrities smile. Will Smith, when i think i Will Smith i remember him in fresh prince of bel air. A young cocky lad full of confidence.

Will Smith  Celebrities SmileWill Smith  Celebrities SmileHow confident do you think he would have been if he had a tooth missing?
Do you think he would have gotten the part if he auditioned with a tooth missing? Do you think he would have had that confidence to smile with a missing tooth. Any one of his teeth could be a crown or bridge and we would never know.

What about Britney Spears celebrities smile.

Britney Spears  Celebrities Smile
Let’s give her some caries (tooth decay).

Britney Spears  Celebrities Smile

Very common in young women, we see this when as a child are given too many sweets, sugary drinks and fruit juices. Look at the difference it makes to her though. This is not something she would have to live with though, we could easily get her looking amazing again.

Look at this celebrities smile.

Leonardo DiCaprio  Celebrities SmileAgain fixable, he could have his teeth built up or replaced and it wouldn’t take too much time to get Leonardo looking like Leonardo again.

Leonardo DiCaprio  Celebrities Smile

Here we have Brad Pitt with his cheeky chipmunk grin.

Brad Pitt  Celebrities Smile

Here’s what he would look like with stained teeth

Brad Pitt  Celebrities Smile

This is so common with people who are over the age of 30. Over time our teeth naturally darken. Teeth whitening toothpaste is not going to help this guy, it’s just not. Turmeric, charcoal, all these things are good at removing extrinsic staining, that is the staining on the tooth surface, but it’s never going to whiten the teeth the same way that a dentist can whiten your teeth, even oral hygiene with a great hygienist cannot get rid of intrinsic staining, that is, the staining within the body of the tooth, its just not possible. The only way to do that without damaging the tooth is with a dentists prescription whitening gel. It’s easy and within a couple of weeks you can have your teeth whitened and the difference this one treatment can make is amazing and you don’t need to be a millionaire to afford it either.

Ok, it wouldn’t be fair to photoshop Brad without having a go at Jenny celebrities smile.

Jennifer Aniston  Celebrities Smile

Worn teeth! Look at this, look at how worn teeth can change your appearance!

Here’s the original. I’ve not changed anything on this image except the length of her teeth.

Jennifer Aniston  Celebrities Smile

This is common in people that grind their teeth, usually at night while they sleep. We can help prevent this from getting worse, which is the first course of action (preventative dentistry) and then look at ways to rehabilitate and fix the problem (restorative dentistry). It can be a bit more work and costly than some of the others we have looked at but it’s still something we can put right and it would give massive benefits to the person having this treatment.

We see this a lot with denture wearers, acrylic teeth on dentures can wear down much quicker than the enamel of our teeth but the fix is a lot quicker too. And there are things we can do to prevent this from happening so rapidly in the future.

And last but not least we have Tom Cruises celebrities smile.. This is what he would look like with a mouth of bad crowns.

Tom Cruise  Celebrities Smile

Don’t worry tom, we can help you out.

Again, you don’t need to be a millionaire. Yes dental treatment can be expensive but the benefits can be life changing. It really is life changing. And we have different payment option available including interest free which we can discuss with you. We treat lots of nervous patients here too, if you are a bit worried you can book one of our very popular meet and greet appointments, that’s where you get to meet a dentist and just have a chat, it’s free and we do it so you can get to meet the dentist that will be treating you if you decide to join our practice. I have a fantastic team of dental care professionals here at the smiles centre and we would love to meet you.

Tom Cruise  Celebrities Smile

Come and see us, tell us about your story and we’ll help you get to where you want to be. We may not be able to get you looking like jennifer anderston or brad pit but we can give you some of their confindence!

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