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We work closely with the prospect hospice as our main charity, but we do lots of work supporting local businesses and events to, including getting involved with sponsorship’s of various charity’s and interesting projects.


Here is a GoFundMe campaign to send one of our patients daughters to Kenya.

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Giving Back

The Smiles Centre team like to get involved with charity events when we can. In the past we have given away thousands of pounds worth of denture treatment as a direct charitable donation and have supported many other registered charities like race for life or the prospect hospice.

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Glenn was a neighbour, a good friend and generally a really nice guy. One night in April 2015 Glenn had an unexpected fatal heart attack. Being a fit 44 year old, it was totally unexpected and is still a shock. We all miss him dearly. After this tragic event I needed to do something to make people aware of the underlying risks of cardiac problems in an age group who don’t expect to have this. I owe it to Glenn and his family!!!

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