Common Misconceptions of Private Dentists!


I’ve been working at Smiles Centre now for 2 months. Coming into the ever changing dentist industry is definitely challenging.

I love it!

Always something new to learn, different methods, different patients everyday with amazing and sometimes shocking stories.

When most patients come to Smiles Centre it’s because they have had bad experience with their previous dentist, or looking for something their old practice couldn’t assist with; such as a dentures, financial help with treatment, cfast, botox, teeth whitening.


When a new patient comes to Smiles Centre we always recommend they take up our Free Dental Consultation, this is mainly for the dentist to give an overview of what treatment we recommend (if any).

This appointment generally takes 30 minutes with x-rays. Once this has been done all patients come and sit with me to go through what treatment our dentist has recommended.

Alot of patients believe that going to a private dentist is expensive, and treatment is forced upon them. It’s actually quite the opposite.

We offer:

Dental plans – these are brilliant, saving you a minimum of £240 per year on dental care plus 10%-15% discount on treatment.

0% Finance – When the dental treatment is more expensive than you were expecting  we can help spread the cost to make it more affordable.

These two fundamental points are what makes us different! We want to be able to provide patients the treatment, great service, the comfort, the support, the care and make it easier and affordable.

So if you have doubts regarding your current dentist or had a bad experience come and book a FREE consultation with us, come and share your stories!

To book you free consultation.. call 01793 722266


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