As a teenager, I cannot exactly imagine what it’s like to wear dentures or to have to get them made. It’s in fact way beyond my imagination.


However, I do see many patients with that look in their eyes as if to say, it’s not what they want to have done. But after they are made and fitted – that look is completely different. It’s like seeing a whole new person – not just a new smile.


my denture makeover, smiles centre client and their fabulous dentures


Smiles Centre denture makeovers are life-changing!


If you think you may need dentures or you are fairly confident that you will need them any time soon, come and speak to us and experience how it’s done properly. We’re experts, it’s what we do!


There are thousands of images online of before and after denture treatment. Don’t get me wrong, these images are fantastic, but it really is a different feeling to be able to be there when they’re completed from start to finish!


You feel like you’ve given someone a smile and It’s really quite amazing.


A video testimonial from one of our patients (their denture makeover):




Are you in need of a denture makeover?


If you would like to experience the highest quality service from our team, don’t hesitate to come in for a free denture consultation and we’ll get the wheel rolling from there, even if it’s only for a general chat about the oral health, but in the end it’s your decision – you’re in control!


If you still have more questions on dentures check these out:



Thank you for reading, find out more about our dentures here. If you would like to book in an appointment, you can fill in the form on our denture page (https://www.smilescentre.co.uk/SwindonDentures).

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