Denture patient at Smiles Centre, denture testimonial
Denture patient at Smiles Centre, denture testimonial

Denture testimonial overview


It really does depend a lot on your circumstances; many of our patients have dentures made first and then come back to have implants fitted if they feel they are needed.


It’s more common that the patients are satisfied with the fit of the dentures – having premium dentures does make a big difference.


If you have a full upper denture, there are major benefits to have implants fitted, the biggest is probably that you can remove the pallet because this is no longer required for suction.


We often find that lower partial dentures just don’t need the implants because you can make a really small intricate chrome frame.




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Why dentures are a good idea – a patients denture testimonial


Phobias of bad dentistry – (have you got a dental phobia?) Smiles Centre works to help ease your nerves and works towards ridding you of your dental phobia; Smiles “made me feel so at ease…” and “because of the environment that I was in I felt comfortable and not anxious…”


Eating comfortably – “I couldn’t chew because I’d gaps, and the pain in my mouth… was unbearable…”


Correcting gaps can eliminate a variety of oral health issues ( ⬅ to find out more; as the benefits of straight teeth is a given when it comes to having dentures).


“If you haven’t got a lot of money there would be a plan for that” A lot of people’s concerns is the money” but “don’t be put off by, you know, the money side of it because it would be worth every penny for you”.


Vicky stands by her experiences and how the treatment has given her “a massive new lease on life” with Smiles Centre being above excellent; and that makes us beyond happy.



How can you get dentures like Vicky’s?


One thing is for sure, whatever you decide, having the best treatment can be life changing.


The best way to consider you options is to come in and speak to the team, at Smiles, we have an implant dentist and a clinical dental technician who can through all the options with you.


Please book an appointment with us by the consultation form on this page: or visit Smiles Centre for other services, free consultation and/or general inquiry.



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