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Denture Patient Video Reviews

Molly Secret
I think that the first thing that struck me was being offered a cup of tea, and that lovely waiting room!

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David Wainwright
I would recommend Smiles to anybody, ok yes, it’s quite expensive but then dentistry always is, but you get the quality that you pay for, and it’s well worth the money.

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T David HortonDavid Horton
Very friendly staff, very friendly, right from the reception, right the way through of having my treatment and you always get offered a cup of coffee, which is nice, a bit of a bonus!

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Jean Powell
These are the first bottom set that I have ever worn since my first ones, when I came to you, I had my bottom one which I’ve had since i was thirteen.

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Denture Patients Written Reviews

T richard edwards Very good! The service was great and on time every appointment. The new dentures give me no trouble at all, not like the last ones, I’m very please with these, very pleased
Richard Edwards

The service was absolutely fantastic. My new denture is just as good as the last set I had made by Smiles Denture Care. Simon is very fussy and committed to his work; when I specified how I wanted the denture to look, he worked passionately to make it a reality!
Pat Richardson

It was very educational listening to the advice on how to look after my new dentures and the whole experience was different and so much better than before. My new dentures are one hundred percent better than my last ones too. I also noticed that my speech was better, I’m very pleased
Josephine Anderson

I am very pleased with my new denture and everyone at smiles was very caring and polite to me. I’m very grateful for what they have done. My last denture was sixteen years old and it had become very lose, it moved about and the teeth on it were very worn. My new denture is very comfortable and even though I was told I would probably need some adjustments, I didn’t need any.
Beryl Banner

My old denture was a nightmare from day one. Everything about it was wrong, it didn’t fit and it didn’t look right. My new denture is 100% better. Simon explained about the benefits of having a metal denture and how it would suit me better and I’m so glad he did because this one just clips in, I don’t even know I have got it in! Thank you it’s wonderful.
Jennifer Couling

Clinical Dental Technology


“I was one of the first clinical dental technicians in this country, in fact, back then there was no facility to train as a clinical dental technician in the uk and so I did my training in Canada. Today though, dental technicians can get there clinical qualifications in the UK and that’s something that I personally get involved with by mentoring several dental technicians to help them achieve what I have. I have made hundreds of dentures over the years and here are a few of my happy clients with their stories”

Simon Miles DIP RCS (Eng)
Royal College of Surgeons
Clinical Dental Technician GDC: 117579

Simon Miles CDT DIP RCS (Eng) 2014


“I was happy with the service from start to finish and my new dentures have a lovely fit and my speech is good too.”

Jean Mase

“Very good overall. I’m three weeks in and I can eat everything! Last denture was rocking and I needed to use a lot of fixative, no glue needed now though.”

Brian Fisher

“They fit! Ive never had dentures that fit before.”

Rodger Hidman

“The service was good but I wasn’t given enough tea! My old dentures were very worn down and with my new ones my speech is good, I can still swear hahah… very good, everything is good!”

K Watts

“I had a denture that needed teeth to be added and this was done by another laboratory. The teeth were not put on correctly and I couldn’t close my mouth, it was completely wrong. The denture you have made me is brilliant! I had never heard of you but a client of mine had a denture made by you and they said that theirs were great. I have had a lot of problems with previous dentures but this one is great, worth every penny!”

Rose Marie Gray

“My old ones had worn down and were not fitting too well but my new ones are perfect and feel comfortable. Everyone was very friendly and very helpful.”

Rita Amour

“I feel it has been a brilliant service with really friendly staff. My new dentures are much more comfortable, I needed a small adjustment but that’s all fine now.”

Denise Howlett

“My last dentures were 16 years old so this new one feels very different but it’s a really good fit. My daughter says that it doesn’t even look like I’m wearing dentures and that they look a hundred times better than my old ones. I don’t even need to use glue anymore.”

Pat Stow

“I think you are excellent, my dentures are a great fit, much more comfortable.”

Ernest Arthur

“Hell of a lot different, 100% better because my others were so loose.”

Frank Peplar

“I’m very pleased, Simon has a good altitude, he is very kind, understanding and patient. My new dentures are much better than my old ones which showed the gum when I smiled. I was never happy with that and so Simon made sure that my new ones look better and they even fit better.”

Peggy Smith

“I’m amazed, I cant understand why my dentist couldn’t make it like this. I no longer have to use glue and I’m really happy with how they look.”

Gwen Pumfrey

“The service couldn’t be better, no waiting around! The difference between my new dentures and my old set are like table and chairs. There was a small issue with the lower but that has been resolved now, nice and quickly whilst I was in the chair.”

David Charlston

“On a scale of 0 to 10 it’s about 100! I was using about a tube of glue a week on my old dentures and now I don’t need any. I think it puts people off going to a dentist because they don’t make them, they send them away, but you do it all here.”

Ron Pipe

“Fantastic, no problems whatsoever! They look better, feel comfortable and fit better than my last dentures ever did.”

Vibeka Pery

“Fantastic, no sores or anything. My daughter didn’t even notice they had been done. The dentures are actually a million times better and I can actually feel the edges of the teeth and I can now chew nuts. The old one was collecting food but this new one doesn’t and it’s nice not to have to use glue.”

Mrs Jack

“The service was 100%, time and care taken was great and the denture is great. There is a massive difference between this denture and my old one. It fits better, looks better, no speech issues, I can even eat apples without them tipping up.”

Denis Tarker

“I’m very pleased and I have already recommended you. My hairdresser said they look lovely. They fit much better too and I’m eating new foods like tough meat and crisps.”

Lilly Webster

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  1. Yours is the last dentist I would ever attend ,Shen uim did visit you I knew my teeth were in a bad condition but the moron who who was supposed to be the dentist looking after me was not just rud and nasty never even told me his name some ench man I think but after cshoving X-ray things in my mouth and cutting my gums he rudely Lord ,me he vcouldnt do anything then had to pay £20 for the privalage

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