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Dentures for Life with Smiles Centre

How long do dentures normally last?



how long do dentures normally last? dentures for life with smiles centre plan, no extra costDentures last for several years with the proper care, but they will need to be repaired/replaced.


This is because they get worn out due to every day use, and patient’s gums can shrink/change shape. Dentures loosen, they start moving around in the mouth over time, which can be very uncomfortable for patients speak or eat with their dentures in.


Dentist generally recommend patients to have new dentures made at least every 8 to 10 years.


At Smiles Centre we provide denture plans, meaning that we can provide: adjustments, relines, repairs, additions, alterations, descaling and cleaning for the duration of the denture plan (without any extra charges)…


With Smiles Centre it’s dentures for life!



How Can Smiles Help You?


Smiles provides several insights into dentures so you can get the information you need, answering questions like: “How to get your denture fixed?“, “How to improve denture comfort?“, and if you don’t have dentures, “Why should you get dentures?


Smiles Centre dentures are A grade (made using a range of materials such as high impact acrylic, cobalt chrome or injection moulded acrylic). For professional advice contact us at Smiles Centre for:

  • a commitment free appointment.
  • an initial appointment is FREE (even if you decide dentures aren’t for you after the appointment).
  • no out of the blue procedures.
  • an appointment where you’re in control.
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