Dentures or Implants

One of the questions we are asked frequently…

Should I Have Implants or Dentures?

We have an excellent answer, in this short blog, I’m going to present the pros and cons when comparing dentures to implants, this is based on situations whereby a denture or an implant are suitable options.

Please read to the end as we have an ideal solution to this question


A single dental implant is an artificial replacement for a tooth root but there are many different types of implant available and when competently used they all deliver the best possible results. The main objective when placing any implant is to achieve immediate close contact with the surrounding bone and over time further growth of bone onto the implant surface enhances the stability of the implant.

If we are comparing implants to dentures then we would be looking at either a denture with several implants creating an implant retained denture that clicks in and out with implant abutments or a fixed bar. Assuming the implants are successful, either way will result in a stable fit, with no movement. But with this direct comparison of denture or implant – you are not getting the same benefits as a single implant tooth would provide you, a single implant has one implant and usually, a crown over the top, this is the closest possible to a natural tooth. 

Implants are available at Smiles Centre, our implant expert is Dr. Marques and all treatment is undertaken within our clinic in Beechcroft Road, Swindon.


  • Not suitable for everyone – See our question; Am I suitable for implants?
  • More Expensive
  • Takes Longer – On average, 6 to 12 months to fully finished
  • Intrusive Surgery


  • Very Stable When Successful
  • May Help Prevent Future Bone Loss


Dentures are by nature less reliable than implants because they remain removable, however, if dentures are made well, they can prove to be very suitable. There are many advances in denture technology making them lighter, stronger and ultimately easier to wear.

Smiles Centre have the experience and are at the forefront of modern technology, as well as our state of the art on-site laboratory, Smiles Centre work closely with a 3D metal printer in France, we scan and design our models and then they are printed in chrome cobalt which means for partial dentures, we can create very intricate frameworks that clip in around existing teeth.


  • Chance that denture may have some movement
  • Potentially more material in the mouth when wearing


  • More cost effective
  • Can be Adapted to Add Implants Later
  • Partials can be made with intricate metal framework
  • Quicker treatment

Our Ideal Solution

This is usually, a very popular way to proceed. If you are unsure whether to have implants or a denture, have Smiles Centre make a Premium Plus denture for you, we will make it to our highest specifications on-site in our laboratory, then, after it is finished and you have had some time to adjust to wearing it, you can add implants at a later stage, there is no additional cost other than to fit the implants and adjust the denture, often, the denture can be reduced in size too. Sometimes, you might decide that you would like just two implants on the lower denture as the top denture fits fine, every person has a different situation so we would always need to undertake a full consultation with x-rays and a diagnosis, then we can propose a suitable treatment plan with you.

full lower denture with 2 implants
full lower denture with 2 implants

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