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High Impact Acrylic, Flexible Plastic, Injection Molded, Metal Framed, Implant Retained and Implant Stabilised Dentures. Don't worry if you are not sure which one is best for you, we will take you through all the different options and give you the pros and cons for each. We'll also take you through the various pricing structures too, to make sure you are getting a new denture within your budget.
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Smiles Centre built its reputation on providing fantastic dentures. This is because Simon Miles, Owner and Director of the Smiles Centre was one one the countries first Clinical Dental Technicians so the focus has always been on top quality dentures that are comfortable, easy to eat with, look great and last a long time. Clinical Dental Technicians not only make dentures, they also fit them. traditionally dentures were made by dental technicians and then passed on to the dentist to fit them but, today you can go directly to the technician who makes the dentures provided they are clinically qualified.
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Value For Money

Dentures that are tailored to your budget for an affordable price. Our aim is to bring high quality work at an affordable price to the customer. All our new dentures are made to the highest standards whether you wish to have an entry level acrylic denture or a high end implant retained denture. So you can be sure that the money you spend on our dentures will be well spent and worth every penny. Interest Free Credit available on all new dentures. We believe that everyone should have access to dentures with affordable easy monthly payments. That is why we give you a monthly payment plan with not interest added so you can spread the payments over just a few months or up to 3 years depending on how much you want to pay (subject to status).
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High Quality

You can be sure that your new teeth are going to be strong and natural looking. When you buy a new denture you want to know that it is going to look like natural teeth so we take great care when helping you select the right shape, size and coloured tooth for your new denture. With our expertise we can help guide you in what would look good but also what type of tooth would suit your particular shape of mouth. We can talk you through the various different types of denture available and with advantages and disadvantage of each outlined so that you can make an informed decision on which one is right for you.

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Advanced Aftercare

Up to 10 years after care on new dentures to give you piece of mind. Time, careful planning, skill, high quality products and advanced techniques result in a much higher quality of denture and that is why we are able to offer a after care plan on all new Premium (2 years) and Premium plus (5 years) dentures. The Denture Plan will cover the cost of adjustments; if the denture develops problems, repairs if you were to drop the denture, additions should you lose a natural tooth and relines in the event of the denture becoming lose due to anatomical changes like weight loss. All this is possible because your new denture is being made and fitted by a Clinical Dental Technician.

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Cleaning Guide

Are you cleaning your dentures correctly? Most people are not! If your dentures are damaged during the cleaning process it is very likely that they will become stained and are much more likely to fracture. This is usually due to the over use of bleaching agents that are found in most denture cleaning products. So here at Smiles we go to great lengths making sure that our customers are cleaning their new dentures in the best possible way to make sure that they last a long time and stay healthy to use. You too can take advantage of this cleaning regime by following our simple 3 step rule; brushing twice a day, disinfecting twice a week and de-scaling twice a month. It is that simple!

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Altering Dentures

If your dentures are rubbing or have become lose, this section is for you. Your denture will not last forever but there are steps you can take to make them last as long as possible. Cleaning them correctly as outlined above is one way but, another way to get great longevity from your dentures is to have them regularly checked by a clinical dental technician. A simple reline can sometime double the life of a denture and it is considerably cheaper than having a new denture made. Here at smiles we can add teeth, repair fractures, strengthen and even replace missing parts of a denture. Even better, we can usually do all this while you wait so if you would like to have your denture working better for you today, just give us a call. Here you can view our denture adjustment policy

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Free Buying Guide

We have put together a great booklet to help you make the right choices and ask the right questions before yo buy your new denture.

Josephine Anderson

"It was very educational listening to the advice on how to look after my new dentures and the whole experience was different and so much better than before. My new dentures are one hundred percent better than my last ones too. I also noticed that my speech was better, I’m very pleased."
 Josephine Anderson

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