Denture Cleaning Guide

Are you cleaning your dentures correctly? Most people are not! If your dentures are damaged during the cleaning process it is very likely that they will become stained and are much more likely to fracture. This is usually due to the over use of bleaching agents that are found in most denture cleaning products. So here at Smiles we go to great lengths making sure that our customers are cleaning their new dentures in the best possible way to make sure that they last a long time and stay healthy to use. You too can take advantage of this cleaning regime by following our simple 3 step rule; brushing twice a day, disinfecting twice a week and de-scaling twice a month. It is that simple!

Cleaning Dentures


Twice Daily

Cleaning Dentures


Twice Weekly

Cleaning Dentures


Twice Monthly

7 Point Denture MOT

Drawing (36)   Check denture fit
Drawing (36)   Clean dentures
Drawing (36)   Small alterations
Drawing (36)   Suggest improvements
Drawing (36)   Check your bite
Drawing (36)   Assess jaw function
Drawing (36)   Oral hygiene advice



This is your free denture guide, completely free. It's only a small book and doesn't take long to read but it's packed with lots of really useful tips and information on what to look for when considering a new denture and what to watch out for too! I'm a Clinical Dental Technician with over twenty years of experience in making dentures so I've learnt a few thing over the years. Not just technical knowledge either but some really basic facts about dentures that most people just don't know about.
So if you want to get clued up on everything you need to know and more, just fill in the form to download the PDF download right now.