Digital Dental Technology Part 2

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Just a quick update to my last blog about our move into the digital dental industry. I can’t tell you how excited I am about this because I’m a bit of a gadget man!
Digital Dental Technology Part 2

The actual possibilities of this technology have become more evident the more i think about what i’m going to be able to achieve that I’ve never been able to do before; Traditional method of a metal framework requires the fabrication of a wax pattern in real time. wax is a very versatile material but also very difficult to master which takes years of training to get it just right. Digital on the other hand, offers the unique ability to zoom in, to create incredible detail and if it goes wrong? Edit Undo!

zoom-iconAnother massive benefit is reproducibility, if the wax pattern that is printed gets damaged or miss cast during processing, we just print another. Maybe the patient would like two exact copies, previously we would have had to do everything all over again, which is a huge cost to the patient, and even then, the second copy would never be exactly the same as the first. With a printer, it’s identical.

It’s not just the dental industry thats moving on in leaps and bounds either, I watched the news last night on BBC1 and witnessed a world first facial reconstruction of the very same technology.
BBC NEWS – Worlds first 3D printed surgery

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