Digital Dental Technology

A New Era In Dental Technology

Digital Dental TechnologyA few months ago my team and I visited the Dental Technology Show at the NEC Birmingham and were dazzled by all the fantastic new technology that was being presented this year. But there was one piece of equipment that really caught my eye, a scanning technology by dental wings. The dental wings scanner is a fairly small unit which has a sliding door at the front and inside sits an unsuspecting set of instruments; a small rotating table and digital laser. Now this isn’t new technology, as such, but after being given a demonstration I quickly realised how advanced the technology is.

Digital Dental Technology

Here’s how it works; We take an impression of the mouth, cast the impression with plaster as usual and from there we would normally start to design a wax pattern for casting a metal denture frame work. This is very labour intensive, very messy and extremely difficult and requires a registered dental technician. however, with this scanner, you can simply place the model inside, press a button and the lasers digitise the plaster model into an incredibly accurate 3D vector image. but that’s not the best part, next the computer program blocks out all the undercuts and designs a the chrome frame work and all in the blink of an eye. Up until now, I’ve never seen this or even heard of it. Before, after the model had been scanned, it was someone’s job to then start designing the metal frame which as you can imagine, takes a lot of time, skill and knowledge. So I was blown away and completely sold. But that’s not all! this scanner can also crown and bridge patterns, implant bars and placement guides. This is great for all of the team here at the Smiles Centre because we are doing more implant work that ever before and the trend for people to be having implants doesn’t seem to be slowing down. As you can imagine, this sort of technology doesn’t come cheap and its certainly wouldn’t save me money, at least not for a good few years but, I brought it anyway. Why? Simply because I know that it will allow us to give our patients the very best of care, and we all deserve that, each and every one of us.


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