Eat Like A Dog

The human body has evolved to eat a variety of food and whether you decide to eat meat or vegetables, our teeth and jaws are designed to eat both.

If we look at dogs teeth we can see that they are very sharp but we can also see that the teeth lock together when the jaws are closed. IF you observe a dog eating you will notice that the lower jaw just goes up and down whilst eating. Now, if we look at cows teeth we will see that the teeth are quite blunt and even more obvious is the way the lower jaw moves as the cow eats. It’s a very exaggerated rotational movement and the tough abrasive diet of the cow is ground finely before it is swallowed as opposed to a dog which swallows large chunks of soft digestible meat. Us humans vary in the way we eat. Some of us eat like cows, some like dogs and others eat with a combination of both.
Most problems with dentures are caused by the way we eat. It is relatively easy to make a denture that fits a persons mouth but, getting the denture to stay in place while the person eats is the difficult part, especially if that person eats like a cow with a rotational movement as this can cause the dentures to tip.
There are many techniques that we use to reduce the tipping of dentures whilst eating and it all comes down to the placement of the acrylic teeth and shaping them in such a way that minimises tipping. As a clinician providing dentures, I always prefer the patient that eats like a Dog!

Eating like a dog has its own problems too because denture do not last long if they are used to tear food. I guess the perfect patient for me would be one that eats like a mouse, taking small nibbles!

What are your thoughts on this subject?

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