Why Choose CFast? – Me and My Brace



Good Afternoon Everyone!


So I decided after over 17 years of really disliking my crossed over front teeth that I would get a brace fitted. I have always received comments about me being a very smiley character, but deep down I knew that the crossed over teeth at the front made me very self conscious. I think we all have little bits about us we dislike.  As much as I am terrified of the dentist, I trusted Smiles enough to go through the getting CFast brace fitted.

My first appointment was just a general check up, and x-rays to make sure that my teeth weren’t going to fall out and that I didn’t need any major fillings. Turns out after all the years of putting off going to the dentist I actually don’t need any fillings (which I was relieved about!!) I felt very lucky indeed! – Probably need to thank my mum at this point for not allowing us kids to have too many sweeties and fizzy pop growing up (thanks Mum!)

Once I had the Initial Consultation ~ which was free! I then waited a few weeks to go back in the chair so Mark could take further photos, x-rays and impressions ready for the CFast brace.

I must admit the impression did make me want to gag a bit, but Mark was great and reassured me every single stage as to what he was going to do. Even though at one point I think I may of bit his finger my accident!

Once they had been done, they went off to be cast up ready for the fit.

2 Weeks later which takes us to yesterday; they arrived and were ready to be fitted! At this point I was very stressed, and anxious about being in the chair for an hour! But with the radio going and both Tasha (our dental nurse) and Mark (the dentist) calming me down I wasn’t too bad.



Felt the worst part about the whole hour was having the Rubber Dam inserted in my mouth, it basically keeps the lips away from your gums and teeth making it easier for the dentist to work on your brace. For me it was about being relaxed enough and not laughing as I knew I looked like a plonker.



With a lot of reassurance from Mark through out the hour I was in the chair it was fine, not the most pleasant nor relaxing moment of my life but I am hoping to show you a huge improvement over the coming months! My next check up is in 2 or 3 weeks so lets see how this improves my smile.



FIRST FULL DAY WITH CFAST—–> Will keep you all up to date!


If you are wanting to know more about the cfast brace please give me a call for an appointment to come for your free consultation!


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