Fear – “The Dentist Chair”


The team at Smiles Centre has encountered patients who are reluctant to see the dentist. We totally understand. We strive to make every patient comfortable, especially those who suffer from dental anxiety. If you have a fear of the dentist you are not alone. Nearly half of all adults have moderate levels of dental fear. Researchers have shown that close to 10 percent of these people have fear strong enough to make them avoid dental care altogether!



Dental fears not only stem from a bad dental experience as a child. For many adults, just going to the dentist can evoke anxiety because some people don’t like getting injections or having their personal space invaded.

For many patients similar to Ann; they come to see us extremely anxious and worried mainly down to  previous experience with a dentist. Damaging her confidence, and given poor communication to her whilst she was in the dentist chair receiving treatment.


ANN: “I would like to send a big thank you to Natasha the dentist at Smiles and all the staff. Believe me when I say I’m frightened I really am, shaking, feeling sick, crying, you name it that’s me. But I went to Smiles I was really in a lot of pain and I’ve never had such a great team who worked with me, from the minute I walked in the door they just took care of me and was so lovely and Natasha was a angel giving me a hug telling me I’m the boss and working with me; I’ve now had 3 teeth out. Honest this is a miracle no one has ever got me to sit in the chair . I can’t thank all of you at Smiles enough . I still have more work to be done but Smiles really is going to put the smile back on my face. Thank you all at Smiles xx”



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So if you have a fear of the dentist or are worried about treatment please do not put off your appointment. Speak directly to us we can help and give you all the support, information and care to help you keeping you mouth healthy.


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