Tooth sensitivity can be both normal and a cause for concerns (explore why your teeth are sensitive to know the causes that could be of concern). Here you’ll find out exactly when is tooth sensitivity normal, and if you’re unsure the help doesn’t just stop there… let’s discover more.


When is tooth sensitivity normal?


when is tooth sensitivity normal? find the cause, how severe your problem is, and the treatment


Tooth sensitivity after tooth whitening

Is very normal to experience some level of sensitivity when you’re going through a teeth whitening treatment.


A professional can help you with your tooth sensitivity. And that’s just one of the reasons why professional teeth whitening is superior.


Tooth sensitivity after dental treatment


Unsurprisingly to most, you’re bound to experience some sort of pain/sensitivity.


Take tooth extraction for example, even though the process itself is pain-free, the gums after feel slightly sensitive.


Another example of this is teeth whitening as discusses earlier. it’s normality allows for the treatment to be simple, quick, and cheap with the help of a dentist.


Wisdom teeth causing sensitivity – when’s it normal?


Unfortunately, a lot of people have to experience the dread that is wisdom teeth as they grow older.


With this, it’s normal to experience some tenderness as the wisdom teeth break through the gum – this is normal. Sensitivity is normal when its temporary, maybe often but not for an extended period of time, and not agonising.


Not all sensitivity (when on the topic of wisdom teeth) is normal. If you’re experiencing extreme discomfort/pain then it’s not technically classed as sensitivity because it’s lasting, unbearable, and constant.


It could be one of the signs of needing your wisdom teeth removed.


Sensitivity when a child looses baby teeth


On the flip side to growing up, you have children who are beginning to loose their baby teeth.  An expose root can cause sensitivity, especially when exposed to food of temperature – example being, ice-cream (cold) and hot chocolate (hot).


This is all part of growing up and it’s completely normal.



Not sure if any of these are the cause of your tooth sensitivity?


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