Making teeth look whiter


After having my teeth whitened I have come across a few tips on keeping up that white smile look. These are all tips that you can try at home using the tools of your own make up bag.

My first tip is to try rubbing a tiny bit of red food colouring into your gums with a soft toothbrush, this won’t stain your teeth but instead it makes your gums look more of a healthy red, which makes teeth appear whiter.

My second tip is a facial make up one. Try using a darker foundation or having a tan on your face, This creates more of a contrast between your face and teeth leaving your teeth being the lighter of the two and highlighting them.

My final tips are more make up related again but this time in the form of lipsticks. As I mentioned earlier with the contrasting between the face and teeth, the same applies to the lips and teeth, therefore a darker shade of lipstick will make your teeth appear whiter.

If using a red or pink lipstick try using more of a blue based tone rather than orangey, coral ones. Try to stay away from browns but instead go for a dark berry tone and always stay away from a shimmer lipstick.

However if these tips don’t give you the whiter smile you were hoping for, here at Smiles Centre we have very affordable ways of the tooth whitening treatment. We provide a home treatment kit consisting of whitening trays and syringes – give us a call on 01793 722266 for more information of the treatment procedure.



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