Is a Private Dentist Expensive?

Is a Private Dentist Expensive?

This is a question that we get asked a lot, the answer might surprise you.

If your dental health is good and you don’t need anything other than routine appointments
Believe it, or not, in this instance, private dentistry can be more cost-effective than going to see an NHS dentist. The reason is that routine appointments can usually be paid by way of an on-going dental plan.

So… Is a private dentist expensive?

Comparison of a couple ( any two from the same household )

NHS cost of two six month check-ups per person – £45.40
NHS cost of two routine hygiene appointments per person – £124.20 ( this is a thorough clean on band 2 )

Total Year Cost of NHS Dental Treatment – £339.20

Smiles Centre Private Couples Smile Plan, this cover the four routine appointments for both members – £24.99 x 12 months = £299.88

Total Year Cost of Private Dental Treatment – £299.88

So, for a couple of people with no treatment requirements, it is £40 a year less to go private!

Here is the link to all the Smiles Centre monthly plans –

What are the benefits of going private?

Speaking as a private practice, we typically have a lot more time to spend with our patients, our emphasis is all centred around providing exceptional service to our patients. It is true to say that Coronavirus has thrown a spanner in the works to our usual level of service, however, there is still a relaxed and calm environment for us to provide a great level of care, for example, at present, our receptionist will come and greet you at your car with an umbrella if it is raining! There are many reasons to go private but here at a few bullet points

Benefits of Private Dental Treatment

  • More Time Per Appointment
  • Relaxed Atmosphere ( great for nervous patients )
  • Latest Equipment
  • Better Quality Materials Used
  • Guarantees on Work Completed ( up to 5 years )

At Smiles Centre, our on-going mission is to provide such a fantastic service that our patients actually look forward to their future appointments. This is achieved more than you might think, often, those that first come to us with a severe level of dental phobia now actually enjoy their visits.

Here is a link to our dental practice reviews – Smiles Centre Google Reviews

What about the cost of treatment?

We already asked, is a private dentist expensive, but, let’s take a look at a typical patient who requires a filling and an extraction, this is assuming that the work is done at separate times and therefore charged individually ( I find the pricing structure confusing )

Cost of NHS Filing – £62.10

Cost of NHS Standard Extraction – £62.10

Total NHS Cost is £124.20

Smiles Centre Private Fees Cost

Cost of Smiles Private Filling – £65 to £147 ( one to three surfaces )

Cost of Smiles Private Standard Extraction – £159

If we take a middle option on the filling, that’s £115 ( two surfaces) and then we add the cost of extraction, the total cost of private is £274

Total Private Cost is £274

The good news is that you can get this down by 10% if you are on one of the plans as mentioned above, let’s take that as a given. Again, is a private dentist expensive? This means the private cost is actually:

Total Private Cost is £246

This is pretty much double the price, however, there are ways to spread the cost of treatment with interest-free payment plans and you’re getting the additional benefits as mentioned above, if you then put it as a package, the total cost comparison is as follows

Year Cost of NHS as a couple with treatment including routine – £587.60

Year Cost of Smiles private as a couple with treatment including routine – £791.88

On that comparison, it is £200 more per year or less than £9 per month per person to upgrade to private including on-going treatment.

Less than £9 per month more per person for private dentistry

There are exceptions

NHS charges will depend on your situation, age, employment status and being pregnant are all factors and in many cases, will mean free treatment.

All Smiles Centre Prices can be found on our Prices Page

What About Cosmetic Dental Treatment?

This is kind of irrelevant as cosmetic work isn’t typically an option for NHS patients, Smiles Centre offer an extensive range of cosmetic work such as composite build-ups, teeth whitening, implants and very detailed, natural and great fitting dentures. For more information about our cosmetic work, please see this link > Smiles Centre Cosmetic Dental Treatment <

It is worth noting that you don’t have to be a regular patient to have cosmetic treatment, some of our patients choose to see an NHS dentist but just make appointments with us for their cosmetic work as and when they require it.

What do you think? Is a private dentist expensive?

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