The question of Botox – Could I? Should I? How do I?


Psst! The answer is, Yes, Of Course and Easy!


Botox isn’t something that ‘other people’ do – I can assure you that lots of people do it! The areas most commonly treated are:

the Glabellar (frowning)



Forehead (looking shocked)



and Crowsfeet, more politely known as ‘laughter lines’.


wrinkle treatment at smiles dentist swindon

These particular crowsfeet lines were removed from one of my extremely lovely patients, just last month.



Let me give you some background on who I am: I’ve been a dental hygienist for over 18 years, and am also qualified in administering Botox and fillers. Because of my training and the nature of my work, I have extensive knowledge in the anatomy and physiology of the face – especially all the nerves and blood supply. Personally, I only carry out the treatment I’d be comfortable doing to myself, so I don’t treat bunny lines (wrinkles at the bottom of the nose). Unfortunately, I can’t administer it on myself – so everyone here is looking fresh-faced and lovely, except me. I can’t frown about it because I’ll give myself even more wrinkles! The irony is not lost on me…..




Can I have Botox if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?
There is no scientific evidence that Botox can cause any problems during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding, but we always recommend to err on the side of caution, and wait until you are weaning.



What if I discover I’m pregnant after I’ve had a Botox injection?
Congratulations! We recommend that you let your midwife know and invite them to call us if they have any questions.



What can I expect?
When you come for your consultation, you’ll be asked to give a full medical history. This is very important, as certain conditions and medications mean that you may not be suitable for this treatment, or get the results you are aiming for.
Your consultant will need to take photos. This is to help with diagnostics and planning your treatment. These photos remain confidential. Unless you have agreed to let your photos be used for promotional purposes, your photos will not be shared with anyone.



Does it hurt?
There might be some slight discomfort, at the initial placement site. This is normal.
Will you need anaesthetic? No.



How quickly will I see results and how long do they last for?
The final results are seen after 2 weeks of having the treatment. You may start seeing results before then, but there is nothing to worry about if you do not. Results will always vary between patients.
The effects will last around 3 months.



How does it work?
The injection relaxes the muscles,and makes them unable to perform as much as they would normally. This means that even though you are still able to use the muscles, the lines are unable to be created or renewed. You shouldn’t be left with a ‘frozen face’, this is a sign that too much solution has been used.



Is it safe for vegetarians and vegans?
Yes, absolutely. The material used is synthetically produced in a laboratory. There are no animal products used at all.



Am I too old for Botox?
The ‘optimum’ time to have the treatment is when you first start developing ‘dynamic lines’ These are the ones you see when making expressions, such as frowning. The older you are, the more ‘developed’ the muscles are, in creating those lines. All this means is that the effects will be softer. Botox doesn’t eliminate lines, it slows down the development of them. As the muscles are not able to make the expressions, the lines will appear less obvious and will not be given the chance to develop any further.
The particular brand of Botox that we use doesn’t have any studies performed on people after the age of 65.



Is there any ‘Down time’ after I have a Botox injection?
After injections, you can return to work straight away. For the first 30-45 minutes you may have small raised areas at the site of the injection, They look a little similar to ‘bee stings’. These will naturally go down and be indistinguishable. You’re advised to avoid any strenuous activity (this includes the gym!)
You should avoid rubbing the area and putting on any face creams for the first 12 hours, as with any injections, as you do not wish to introduce bacteria into the site.
You should avoid laying down for the next hour and no wearing helmets for the next 4 hours.
No alcohol for 24 hours.
No extended exposure to sun or heat – this also means sunbeds!



Will I get bruising?
Certain medications can make you more susceptible to bruising, and your consultant will advise you of this at the consultation, this is why it’s so important to us to take a full medical history.
You may experience slight redness at the site of injection, mild tenderness and slight irritation.This is all normal.



I’ve had Botox before, so why are you advising me to get a small amount first?
This is for your safety. Even though you may have had Botox before, the amounts, the strength of formula and the actual product may all vary from what you’ve had previously. After the initial 2 week period, if the results are not as expected, we can always top it up. As with anything, we can always add but we cannot take it away.



What should I be asking myself?
Why am I choosing to do this now? This is also a question that the clinician should be asking you. As with everything, you should have time to consider the treatment that you are wanting. Even after the consultation, you should be allowed at least a week to think about whether the treatment is right for you.



Do I feel confident in the results?
You should have the risks and the results clearly explained to you. Your results will not be definitely be the same as any one else. All results are individual.



Can I come and see you?
Absolutely! Just book yourself a consultation appointment on 01793 200036. We’ll have an informal chat, where I’ll answer all of your questions. Don’t worry if you feel a question is daft – the whole point of this conversation is so you’re fully informed. There’s no pressure to book anything or commit yourself to having the treatment, so don’t let that be a concern. I look forward to seeing you!

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