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Many of us hear the words private dental care, and dread to think about the cost element. I have seen so many patients come from NHS to us here at the Smiles Centre. With good and bad stories. Once patients come to see us and see how easy going we are and affordable it is a definite game changer.

The first time you visit us we will offer you a FREE dental consultation. This is a basic overall check up, the dentist will chat to you about your oral health, ask questions about diet, smoking, previous oral health and other health issues we need to be aware of. We do request a £25 deposit upon booking your appointment but this is refundable on the day, which will secure the appointment & the dentists time. If X-Rays are needed on this appointment we can use this deposit to cover this cost.

So you have been checked over by our dentist, and they have given you a treatment plan, this consists of the work they have recommended in order to keep your oral health up to scratch and preserve and stop future problems occurring.soda2



HERE is the difference – we talk to you about the treatment that needs to be done – we discuss ways of making it affordable reducing your treatment by 10% at least, what the treatment would involve how long your appointment would be, what days would suit you round work, children and other lifestyles.

The best way to get your discounts and free dental checks, hygiene cleans, and x-rays is to sign up to our monthly smile plans. We cater for all types of patients, Solo’s, Couples (friends, partners etc) Familys (up to 6 members) all starting from as little as £9.99 per month. On average just based on the very minimal you need for overall care you save minimum of £255 per year!


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