How to remove white spots on teeth, amazing before and after results.


Today we’ll be looking at how you can remove white spots on teeth, effectively getting rid of them – showing you our patients results.


Of course, this depends on the cause as there a quite a few. A particular cause will have ways of preventing the issue form progressing/happening; read up on what the white spots on teeth are, and the reasons for white patches on teeth.



Remove white spots on teeth with ICON


How much is ICON (tooth white spot removal) treatment?


At Smiles Centre, we charge £189 per tooth for this service. We offer dental interest plans to help it to be a very cost-effective way to a happier and more confident smile.


If you would like to discuss this further then just head over to our contact page where you can either book a full dental consultation or a free meet and greet if you’d like a little more information, this can also be helpful for nervous patients.


Is ICON (tooth white spot removal) treatment available on NHS?


It is highly unlikely but Smiles Centre is a fully independent private practice so we are unable to offer any advice on NHS services. Also, the NHS is less likely to be NHS dentists with the training to provide this treatment – because it’s cosmetic.


This would most likely be classed as “cosmetic”. The NHS is a great service which provides treatments for conditions/illnesses which are life-threatening. Although having white spots wont kill you, it can kill confidence. Confidence brings that quality of life that we’re all looking for, so the treatment is definitely worth considering.


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