Robin Williams, a brave and courageous man


RobinWilliamsThe tragic death of Robin Williams has sparked some debates on the internet with some really ignorant points of view like, β€œhe is a selfish ****** to do what he did”. And it got me thinking. Do people really understand what a hormone is? For example, a plant releases hormones to ripen fruit, yes, a plant! It’s not just something women have to deal with at a certain time of the month, it’s something that regulates everything we do. not everything, but pretty much everything. We have a pituitary gland at the base of our brain which acts like a control house for a lot of our other hormone glands. These hormones control things like; the growth hormone, just like the one that ripens fruit, regulates the way our bodies develop and grow. The hunger hormone that tells us when we need food by sending hunger signals to the brain or when we are full, so that we stop eating. There are hormones that make us freeze when we feel extreme fear, hormones that make us feel sleepy when the body is tired. And these are but just a few. Now what would happen if we had an incorrect amount of a certain hormone? Lets say, we had too little of the growth hormone, what would we look like? What if we had to much of the hunger hormone or we didn’t produce enough of the one that tells our brain we are full? What would we look like? How would we be, within our own mind if we had too much of the hormones that make us feel fear or sadness? I would say to all the people who think of depressed, desperate people who have taken there own life as selfish, to just stop and think of how they must have felt about themselves to do this, the overpowering feeling sadness and guilt. A feeling that everybody they know would be better off without them. This is not a selfish act, selfish doesn’t even come close. Rest in peace Mr Williams, you made the world a better place and I can only imagine how hard your world must have been.


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  1. very true, the problem with mental illness is that it cannot be seen and people hide it very well. Clearly Robin Williams hid behind the laughter that touched so many lives, he really will be missed, a true legend.

  2. Brilliant post, I agree with Stuart. When it’s your job to be happy, I imagine it becomes second nature just to put that happy mask on. With his talent, I imagine it took very little work to hide how he truly felt on the inside. He was a great man and it’s a terrible shame that this would happen to: of all people, someone like the late, great Robin Williams.

  3. Ditto guys, so sad that any one can feel so very low about themselves they cant see beyond that πŸ™ So talented and extremely funny, touched a lot of people and made us ‘happy’ it is a shame he didn’t have his own happiness πŸ™ RIP Legend Robin Williams x

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