Scared Children

Sophie Thumbs smallWhen it comes to learning, children are like sponges. They soak up everything around them and a lot of what they learn is just from what they see. As we get older we learn more from our experiences and that’s never truer than with our experiences with have when seeing a dentist. Most of us, including me, have had a painful experience at some point. This can have a big impact on how we feel about going to see a dentist and what we talk about to others. Children who have never had a painful experience at the dentist can still become very afraid and fearful, just from the experiences we talk about when they are around. We just have to remember, that dentistry has moved on a lot over the last few years and now, so our experiences need not be passed on to those we love.

This is my daughter, Sophie, and she has just visited our dentist, Charles Hardman for a checkup and she was as good as gold and it struck me, the children that are most nervous who come in to see our dentists, are usually accompanied by a parent who’s even more nervous than they are and the child is constantly looking for reassurance from the parent.

So, I’m more determined than ever to try and hide my fears from from my kids when i’m in a situation, not just seeing a dentist, where i’m feeling a bit fearful, to try and keep that fear or worry to myself.

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