Teeth Straightening Options

getting braces

Teeth Straightening Options When it comes to teeth straightening options, there is actually a diverse range of braces available. So we thought we dig deep into finding out more about the options available and hopefully help you find the right choice of braces, Metal braces (Traditional) The most common type of braces, especially for young […]

Why Baby Dental Care is Important for all Babies’

baby dental care

Looking into how you can provide the best care for your newborn, teaching good habits so your child will never have to overly worry about their oral health – let’s make it second nature for them. Here’s how with our 5 reasons as to why baby dental care is important.     5 reasons why […]

Why Private Dental Practices is the Care to Opt For?

Let’s look into why private dental practices are the best when tackling issues that need to be resolved quickly and efficiently. Breaking down how we (Smiles Centre) help to put the number one concern that patents have down to their last concern – keep reading…     Reasons why to choose a private dental practice […]

Is Tooth Sensitivity Normal? – Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment

sensitive tooth

Tooth sensitivity can be both normal and a cause for concerns (explore why your teeth are sensitive to know the causes that could be of concern). Here you’ll find out exactly when is tooth sensitivity normal, and if you’re unsure the help doesn’t just stop there… let’s discover more.   When is tooth sensitivity normal? […]

What’s the Type of Toothbrush to Get?

what toothbrush

What’s the type of toothbrush to get based on your needs? Find out What type of tooth brush is better for you, it’s important to have a dental routine that’s tailored to you.   That’s one reason why general check-ups are important, to make sure you’re body is getting everything it needs in order to […]

What’s the Best Treatment for Loose Teeth?

Now that you’ve looked at what”s causing your loose tooth, you can look at available treatment for loose teeth.   Don’t forget to claim a FREE initial consultation on us (on Smile’s contact page) to help assess what treatment will be best for you bases on this blog.     Treatment for loose teeth – […]

Prevent Loose Teeth – Causes & Treatments

Following the causes of loose teeth, we’ll be looking at the treatment options for these causes and how you can prevent loose teeth from getting worse and/or occurring in the future. How to prevent loose teeth   The loose tooth may lead to permanent tooth loss if the dental problem is not seen and treated […]

What are Your Dental Bridge Options

A dental bridge is a great options for replacing missing teeth. There are 3 main dental bridge options that’ll we’ll cover in this blog. Helping you gain abetter understanding of what dental bridges are, and what option may be best for you – keep reading.     Dental bridge options – what they are and […]

What are the White Marks on Teeth

What are the white marks on teeth? What are the causes? How you can prevent further issues when it comes to white spots on your teeth, and how to remove them. The whole process found here – keep reading.     What are the white spots on teeth, causes & removal   So maybe you’re […]

How to Remove White Spots on Teeth

  Today we’ll be looking at how you can remove white spots on teeth, effectively getting rid of them – showing you our patients results.   Of course, this depends on the cause as there a quite a few. A particular cause will have ways of preventing the issue form progressing/happening; read up on what […]

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