Teeth Straightening Options

When it comes to teeth straightening options, there is actually a diverse range of braces available. So we thought we dig deep into finding out more about the options available and hopefully help you find the right choice of braces,

Metal braces (Traditional)

The most common type of braces, especially for young people, is metal braces. Commonly accompanied by elastic bands. These braces provide the most effective kind of teeth straightening and are the most cost-effective option.

Even though these braces are the most commonly used today, bear in mind that these braces are the most noticeable. There are now appearance approvements available, such as coloured bands to make them feel and look more attractive, which will help them with less self-confidence, although they are still obvious.



Lingual braces

Another tooth straightening option is the Lingual braces. These braces are very similar to the traditional metal brace, however, these go behind the teeth – which gives them a massive pro as they’re not easy to see.  With Lingual braces, any changes that happen to a person’s speech (like lisps) and tongue irritation go away after a few weeks. So if appearance is important to you then this could be an option to consider.

Just a few things to consider though, Lingual braces are less effective than the traditional brace and often take longer to achieve desired results. They may also be uncomfortable as they come into direct contact with the tongue. Lingual braces are also the least common type of brace used, for the reason that they require a different kind of orthodontic skill.

Ceramic braces

These braces are very similar to traditional metal braces in terms of size and shape. Although as the name states they are constructed from a ceramic material that blends into the natural colour of the teeth so that the braces are less noticeable. This makes them a more favourable choice.


Self-ligating braces

Another brace option that’s just like the traditional metal brace, however, they use utilize clips rather than elastic bands to hold the wire in place. Using the clips puts less friction on the braces which makes it easier to keep them and the teeth clean.

Self-ligating braces are more expensive than traditional braces and are still very much visible.

Clear aligners like Invisalign

The most distinct type of braces – They do not involve brackets and wires but instead are made from custom-made clear plastic aligners that are worn over the teeth. These aligners are easy to remove and replace, giving the patient freedom to eat and drink and of course, are invisible. This makes clear aligners (Invisalign) the most preferable choice for patients. Due to the positive features this brace option offers, it is a considerably more expensive choice.

Teeth Straightening Options 

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