Teeth Whitening 101


Many of us would love that Hollywood bright white smile; to boost self confidence and smile just that little bit more often.

At Smiles Centre one of our most popular plans is our Whiter Smile Plan


Since being part of the team, I have helped a number of patients setup their White Smile Plans in preparation for their wedding, special occasions, photo shoots or just to help them feel more confident. I find it really exciting showing patients how simple, painless and affordable teeth whitening can be.

Teeth Whitening (non laser treatment) can last from 6 months to 2 years depending on your dental hygiene routine during and after the treatment.

A few tips to help prolong your bright smile and keep them sparkling a little longer
– Brush at least twice a day
– Floss regularly
– Reduce food/drink intake that stain teeth
– Ensure you have regular dental check ups, and hygienist appointments
– Drink plenty of water to help rinse away food particles
– Top up your whitening every few months


Easy guide to get your Whiter Smile Plan setup
– Book in for our free dental consultation
– Set up your plan with me afterwards
– Arrange your appointment to have your impressions taken for the unique mouth guard
– When you come back a few days later collect your mouth guard and full kit.

At Smiles Centre we are always proving to help patients save money, save worries and give you a bigger smile when you leave our clinic.

For all appointment enquiries please contact us via our website www.smilescentre.co.uk or contact us.


Keep smiling and the world will smile back.

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