Top Tips To Help You Get Used To Your New Dentures

A great option for those people who have lost their teeth is dentures. Wearing these can make you feel more comfortable when it comes to everyday tasks such as speaking and eating. But oral discomfort is an issue for denture wearers, especially those who are new to it. Wearing dentures may take some time for your mouth and body to adjust to. If getting used to and knowing how to wear dentures well is a problem for you, you don’t need to sacrifice your comfort for a bright new smile. Here are tips to help you adjust to your new teeth and make your transition to your dentures easier:

Follow instructions

Make sure and always follow your dentist instructions after your extraction and dental fitting. Follow your treatment plan, take your medication, attend your appointments with your dentist for any adjustments, and keep up your dental visits and oral hygiene. However, if you have any questions, just ask your dentist.

Take it slow

Keep in mind that getting used to your dentures may require a period of adjustment. Start with softer foods such as soups, stews, soft pieces of bread and many more. Make sure to cut your foods into smaller bites to make chewing easier. Using both sides of your mouth to slowly chew your foods at the same time to prevent your dentures from tipping.


According to the study, singing when having your new dentures is a great way to practice speech training. Pronouncing some words and reading out load may also require practice.

Massage your cheeks

The muscles on your cheek are working hard as you chew food, so in the beginning, you may feel some soreness, but by removing them every four hours to give your cheek muscles a break it is great way to reduce any soreness and help your jaw and gums get used to your new teeth. Also, massaging your cheeks day by day can help you stay prepared for wearing dentures.

Denture adhesive

Adhesives and denture creams will help you with your new dentures. You can ask your dentist about this or you may try different brands until you find one that works for you. Just ensure that you do not have poorly fitted dentures, which can result in sores and calluses.

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