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Everyone’s smile is different and unique to them, It could be a favourite feature, one people notice, adore and remember, or it could be one you want to make over. A smile shows a persons beauty and personality, it naturally makes the recipient smile, showing friendliness. A smile is definitely an important, loveable feature and welcomed by all.

It is very natural for all humans to smile when they are expressing different emotions, like:

  • Happiness
  • Joyfulness
  • Nerves
  • Excitement

A lot of us may have attracted our life partners or someone from the past because of the cuteness of a smile and the impact it had. A smile is so powerful!  So we all want to have a smile we can confidentially use and like, or even better love.

Different shades of white

Infectious smiles are everywhere, part of our everyday life. You may have a family or friend who is known for there smile, but the ones we really notice the most are the ones we see on our TV’s daily – our Top 10 Celebrity Smiles. These smiles are what so many inspire to have.



Most celebrities have beautiful smiles, but these celebrities have been voted in the top 10 best smiles for 2021 in the world. Do any of them have a smile you long to have? And why have their smiles been recognised?

  1. Ariana Grande
  2. Jessica Alba
  3. Usher
  4. Alicia Keys
  5. Beyoncé
  6. Scarlett Johansson
  7. Halle Berry
  8. Angelina Jolie
  9. Michael Jackson
  10. Taylor Lautner

All these celebrities have been noticed not just because of their amazing talent, but because of how endearing their killer smiles are. These celebrities are in the top 10 because they use their smiles to enhance their performance, showing their audience appreciation, creating a buzz. This will automatically lead to bigger and better opportunities, making them more noticed but even better remembered. Look at Michael Jackson for instance, he is still being remembered today for his smile – Incredible!!!

If you had to pick your Top 10 Celebrity Smiles, who would it be?



A lot of people think that there is a lot of work needed to created that perfect smile, this isn’t always the case. There are brilliant range of cosmetic treatments you can have, for instance:

  • Teeth Whitening – Quite a simple technique, which will automatically make your teeth look white, naturally making you look younger and healthy.
  • Teeth Straightening –  Clear braces can be used, so it’s less visible. Once the teeth are straight, you can whitening to get that radiant celebrity smiles. This is a popular choice for all ages with results that will not disappoint.
  • Veneers, porcelain/ porcelain crowns – This strengthens your teeth, repairs chips and will result in that big smile makeover,

The great thing is there is a treatment for everyone, whether you want that natural looking smile, or that glam Hollywood top 10 celebrity smiles.

Why not check out Smiles YouTube channel for short videos of various cosmetic treatments available smiles centre – YouTube



Smiles have had the honour to work closely with Dr Richard. Dr Richard worked at the Smiles practice for around a year and is a top dentist specialising in cosmetics, restorative and implant dentistry. Dr Richard thoroughly enjoys creating those ‘ Big Smiles’ he has high end profile patients in his own practice in London, Rita Ora and Jamie Redknapp to name a few.  maybe he’s created one of your favourite Top 10 Celebrity Smiles.

Check out the interview with Dr Richard Marques Cosmetic Dentistry

From having the fantastic opportunity to work closely with Dr Richard. Smiles have built an outstanding, knowledgeable team with experience on how to create those celebrity smiles and are waiting to work on all you ‘celebrities’ out there.

If you want that smile you have longed for then contact the Smiles team Contact Us




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