What causes teeth to decay?

Tooth decay is an issue so many suffer from, yet are still in the unknown on what is it, or most importantly what causes teeth to decay? Before we look into this further, we need to be confident on what tooth decay is.

Tooth Decay

You may be familiar with cavity or cavities, this is tooth decay. It occurs when when the bacteria living in your mouth creates an acid that slowly starts eating away at your teeth. Tooth decay starts with unnoticeable damage to the enamel, progressing to the deeper layer of the tooth. Over a period of time it will eventually reach the pulp. (The pulp of your teeth contain very high- sensitive blood vessels and nerves). This will inevitably lead to tooth lose.

Tooth Decay

What causes teeth to decay?

Now we know what tooth decay is; it is vital we know what causes teeth to decay, so we can do all we can to prevent it. One of the most common causes for tooth decay is poor oral hygiene.

  • Poor oral hygiene: This cause is avoidable and we should all be performing excellent oral hygiene to prevent tooth decay.

What is excellent oral hygiene? So many think excellent oral hygiene is brushing your teeth twice daily for at least 2 minutes. They are mistaken, this is good oral hygiene but alone isn’t always enough to prevent tooth decay. You need to also floss regularly and have regular visits with your hygienist and dentist.

Deep Tooth Crevices and Enamel Issues: Anyone who suffers from either of these are highly likely to suffer from some form of tooth decay, due to the deep crevices allowing bacteria and plaque to grow fairly easily. You can get dental sealant to help – see your dentist for advise.

  •  Poor Nutrition: Eating a lot of food that is high is sugars, carbohydrates and acids ultimately will lead to tooth decay over time. Sugary food and drink are bacteria’s best friend, they thrive off them. A lot of our drinks contains acid, but fizzy drinks and juices are the main causes – watching how much you consume will help to prevent tooth decay.
  • Dry Mouth Issues: Tooth decay and other dental issues are likely to occur if you suffer from a dry mouth, this is due to the fact saliva helps to reduce the growth of plaque.
  • Tooth Grinding: Tooth grinding is very common,many people don’t even realise they are doing it. It usually happens when sleeping or when either stressed or anxious.

Grinding Teeth

  • Age: Tooth decay is something that does become more common with age, this is down to many factors; with medication being one along with improper oral hygiene catching up.
  • Genetics: Unfortunately for some people they are prone to tooth decay and other dental issues due to genetics; Deep tooth crevices and enamel issues are inherited.

So we now know what causes teeth to decay, but also how we can prevent it. Visiting the dentist and hygienist regularly is the best thing you can do for your teeth. Smiles Centre have a incredible team as well as offering wonderful Smile Plans, allowing you to give your teeth the love and care they need and deserve. If you would like more information about the Smiles plans or on how the fabulous team at Smiles Centre can help you, get in touch Contact Us. The team at Smiles are waiting to help you on your dental journey.

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