What does the dentist do to get my teeth straight?

What does the dentist do to get my teeth straight?

In this blog, you can find out ‘what does the dentist do to get my teeth straight?’

How does it happen, the do’s and don’ts, before and after, and why?

What does

So what exactly does the dentist do to get a patient’s teeth straight?

Well, the answer is quite simple!

Firstly, you get a dentist appointment and they take an X-Ray of your teeth. Then the dentist will refer you to an orthodontist. Or if most of your teeth are straight they will remove (extract) the tooth that is compacted or not needed.

When you see the orthodontist, they will take a mould of your teeth, and take a picture of your teeth to see the before.  They will also show you want braces are.

what does the dentist do to get my teeth straight? Braces

The orthodontist will then clean and prep your teeth for the brackets of the braces.

They then would put a wire on the brackets and close the brackets with the wires on it.

Then they will ask you to book other appointments to change the wires.


Well, the majority of the time, braces don’t hurt, and only ache for about 4 days when a new wire is put in.

From personal experience, my teeth only ached for about 3-4 days when the braces were first put in and when the wires were changed but when I got my braces removed it didn’t hurt at all.

The Before and After


After the braces are removed, the orthodontist will take another mould of your straight teeth and make a retainer to keep your teeth straight.

You can get a clear retainer that you only wear at night and you can also get a permanent retainer as well.

You’ll only get the permanent retainer if your teeth still try to migrate after the braces.

However, the orthodontist will explain what type of retainer you need.

The Do’s and Don’ts

This video covers the do’s and don’ts when you have your braces in.

With retainers, the do’s and don’ts are very similar.


The main do’s are:

Knowing when to wear the retainer, and the orthodontist will tell you when you’ll have to wear your retainer. I can tell you that I only have to wear mine at night.

Remove the retainer before eating.

Clean the retainer gently either with a toothbrush and toothpaste or soak the retainer in mouthwash.

The main don’ts are:

Do not expose your retainer to heat because it can damage the retainer.

Do not use your retainer if it is dirty and not clean because the remaining bacteria of when it is dirty can lead to bad breath and eroding of the retainer.

What does the dentist do to get my teeth straight? and Why?

So we now know what the dentist does to get your teeth straight,

But why does the dentist do this?

The dentist goes through a process to get your teeth straight and to determine if you need braces or not.

The process is checking your teeth, an x-ray and the examine your teeth.

If you do need braces they refer you to a specialist (Orthodontist) and if you don’t really need braces they recommend tooth extraction (removal) if the rest of your teeth are straight.

Sometimes they will refer you to an orthodontist for just a retainer.

The reason for this is because we all want our teeth straight and we ask the dentist at our checkups or the dentist refers and talks to you about your options as well.

However, it does depend on what the dentist says about getting your teeth straight but half or the majority of the time it is a simple fix and depends on if it is an urgent need or not.

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