What is a CDT?

It’s a chilly day here in the UK with snow everywhere! Lots of places have closed for the day due to the weather conditions, so what better way to spend the day than snuggled in bed with a hot chocolate and writing up a blog for you lovely people!

Today I am going to be talking about the profession of a CDT. CDT stands for Clinical Dental Technician. A CDT is not a dentist, but they are able to take impressions and make dentures for patients. If a patient is looking for a full set of dentures, they are classed as edentulous (having no natural teeth remaining) and in this case, a CDT is qualified to do a full oral examination and provide the patient with dentures. If a patient is looking for a partial denture, they are classed as dentulous (having natural teeth remaining or implants in place) then the patient will need to be seen by a dentist for a full examination so that a treatment plan can be created for the patient for any necessary dental work. Once a denture prescription has been written up by the dentist, the CDT is able to carry out the process in making dentures for this patient.

At Smiles Centre we have both dentists and a CDT who are always happy to help and discuss with patients the different denture options appropriate for the patient.CDT

This is Simon, our CDT here at Smiles Centre who takes care of our patients through every step of the denture production.

We all hope everyone stays safe and warm over the weekend!

From all the team at Smiles Centre 🙂

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