What qualities should a dentist have?

What qualities should a dentist have? – We thought this would be a great question to explore. After all, a dentist plays an essential part in our overall oral health; yet so many dread visiting them.
However, what we have found is, once patients find a dentist they like, they often become committed to them for life. So what traits should a dentist have to gain loyal patients?

What qualities should a dentist have?

When you visit a dentist before you decide to become a loyal patient, you need to stop and think about whether they are displaying the attributes that you’re wanting. Everyone will be looking for different aspects in a dentist, but the top things to look out for are:

  • Do they educate patients?A great dentist seeks to educate their patients about proper dental care, the treatments available, and to encourage good care habits.
  • Do they have extensive knowledge? A great dentist should have a wealth of knowledge and be able to identify problems quickly and offer the best course of treatment.
  • Welcoming atmosphere? A great dentist will never make his patients feel rushed or uncomfortable, there should be a warm, friendly atmosphere throughout the entire practice.
  • Get patients involved – A great dentist involves patients with any decision-making, making sure the patient is aware of all treatment options available
  • Honest and compassionate A great dentist always needs to be honest and compassionate.  For example, A dentist needs to be sensitive to the problems caused by poor dental hygiene.
  • Has great communication skillsStrong communication skills is one of the most important things a dentist can have. Dentists help to educate their patients, being able to explain information and easy to talk to is key.
  • Trustworthy – Patients need to feel they can trust their dentist to solve the problem, and with care.
  • Passionate –  A great dentist needs to enjoy their profession of work, caring for patients and providing the very best care/treatment.

Our Team

These qualities mentioned above are not just traits you need to be looking out for in a dentist, but the whole dental practice. Here at Smiles, we have a fabulous team that we are proud of. We are the leading private dental practice in our town, and that is because each and every one of our team holds all these qualities and more. Head over and Meet The Team to find out more.

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