When do baby teeth fall out?

When do baby teeth fall out?

When do baby teeth fall out? – Are you a first time parent wondering when you will take on the role as the tooth fairy, on top of the thousand of endless roles you already do. Wonderful being a parent, right?

For many new parents, this milestone in their little ones life may feel daunting – the unknown of when it will happen, what to expect and how to handle it. Hopefully this helps put any worries to bay.

What are baby teeth? 

Deciduous teeth, known as milk teeth, baby teeth, primary teeth – are the first set of teeth in the growth and development of humans

How old are children when they start to lose their milk teeth?

Lucky for any parent this milestone isn’t usually reached until the age of 5 or 6. They milk teeth fall out, making way for the adult teeth. Baby teeth usually fall out in the same order of which they grew.

Baby Tooth
Baby tooth

Caring for milk teeth 

Even though these are first teeth and will eventually be replaced by adult teeth, it is still vital you do all we can to look after them. It is so important that baby teeth get careful care and protection from tooth decay – known as ‘ baby bottle tooth decay’ or ‘ nursing mouth syndrome’. This condition occurs when a babies teeth is exposed to sugary liquids frequently. Although baby teeth fall out and are replaced by adult teeth, a decayed primary tooth could lead to infection and may damage the permanent adult tooth growing underneath.

General time line for milk tooth development 

The pattern in which the baby teeth emerge varies from baby to baby, but generally you would expect to see:

  • 8 teeth present around 15 months
  • 12 teeth present around 19 months
  • 16 teeth present around 23 months
  • 20 teeth by around 27 months

Visiting the dentist 

To ensure milk teeth are growing correctly and are in a healthy condition, it is so important your little one visits the dentist as soon as their milk teeth starts to make an appearance. To find out more about tooth decay What causes teeth to decay?  and When should my child go to the dentist? have a read of these blogs.

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