When should my child go to the dentist?

When should my child go to the dentist?

Believe it or not, it is actually recommended that you take your child to the dentist as soon as they start to get their first milk tooth/teeth. This is usually around six months but can be earlier or later. So many parents are not aware of this and wait until they are at least one, if not older.

Why take your child to the dentist when their first milk teeth appear? 

Some may think its a bit ‘silly’ taking a child so young to the dentist with maybe only a couple of teeth. The reason we recommend taking your child to the dentist when their first milk teeth appear, is because we want them to become familiar with the environment, the process and the dentist but of course check for any oral issues – Tooth decay affects 1 in 5 children.

What to expect at your child’s first check up 

This check up is to get the child use to going to the dentist. The dentist will also checking for:

  • Tooth decay
  • Gums
  • Jaws
  • Bite
  • Problems that may affect teeth or speech
  • Frenum issues

The dentist will also gently clean your baby’s gums and teeth. During the check up your baby can sit on your lab or in the chair with you. They wouldn’t be expected to sit in the chair alone, we need to make the child feel as comfortable as possible, making the whole experience fun and positive.

Child learning to brush teeth

In this appointment the dentist will also advise on starting to brush the teeth (If haven’t already) and what to use. That’s right, as soon as those milk teeth make an appearance the brushing should start, you should:

  • Clean your babies teeth twice a day with fluoride tooth paste. Use a child’s toothpaste containing no less than 1000ppm or a Family toothpaste containing between 1350ppm – 1500ppm.
  • Use only a smear of toothpaste ( grain of rice)
  • Make sure your baby does not eat or lick the toothpaste from the tube.
  • Brush the teeth for 2 minutes each time, make sure the last brush is just before bed.

What we can offer your family at Smiles Centre 

So we have helped answer’ When should my child go to the dentist?’ but the help doesn’t end there. We at smiles put our patients at the heart of everything we do, going above and beyond in making private dentistry affordable for all.

To ensure this we offer a Family Smile Plan, check it out to find out more about how this can benefit you and your family Smile Plans. *Anyone on a Smiles family plan – Children under 3 are free*

As we are currently unable to offer tours around the practice, here is a virtual tour for you to get a feel.

If you think Smiles Centre is the practice for you and your family, or you would like more general oral hygiene information, contact the team at smiles Contact Us. Who will be more than happy to help. We look forward to welcoming you to the Smiles family.

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