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White Filings - Mercury Free

We are a mercury free dental practice
We never use metal fillings because of their mercury content, but we can remove them safely if you would like us to. Book a consultation and check up to discover how we can help YOU!




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Are metal filings detrimental to your health?
Amalgams have been banned in several countries, including Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, and largely in Japan; the European Union is also taking steps aimed at reducing mercury usage. If you are concerned and don't want to take the risk then Smiles Centre provide a SAFE & EFFECTIVE amalgam replacement with immediate results! White Filings Look Better Too!

metal filings detrimental

Do I have mercury fillings?

Many people do not even realise that metal fillings contain mercury but they do. If you have a metal filling, also known as black, mercury, silver, or amalgam filling, then it will contain mercury, about 50% mercury and rest is usually silver, tin and some other materials.


White fillings have many advantages over metal fillings. The main benefits are cosmetic because they look much better matching the same shade and colour as your natural teeth and healthier because they do not contain mercury.

The problem with metal fillings

Over the past few years the use of mercury in the dental industry has been put into question, because mercury is an extremely toxic substance. The fear is that using mercury to replace a part of the human body is a risk that need not be taken anymore because there are alternatives that are clearly safer. So why is it used? Well, it’s used because it is strong and it has been proven to last much longer than other materials and therefore, considered the best option. It is also believed by the General Dental Council that once it in place, it does not prove a risk to health but, can cause harm if not place correctly or removed incorrectly. It is also very difficult to monitor the effects of mercury poisoning due to it affecting the central nervous system.

Human battery effect

There is also another concern with metal filling, which is an electrical effect. Electrons building up in one metal filling can pass through saliva to another with fewer electrons, this is the same principle as a battery and the worry is that this electrical current in the mouth could cause harm. Again, we have very little evidence of how this can affect the living tissues.

Informed decision

I would suggest to anyone concerned about metal fillings to do some research, gather the facts, so you can make an informed decision on whether to have them placed in your teeth, keep existing mercury fillings or have them removed.

Removal of mercury fillings

We can remove you mercury filling for you and minimise the risk of mercury poisoning, right here at the Smiles Centre.

Your smile says a great deal about you, and it's one of the first things people notice when they meet you. With a fresh, white smile, you won't have to hide anymore!

About Us

The Smiles Centre is not just your average dental practice, the Smiles Centre has its very own in house dental laboratory as well as clinical rooms. With a full staff of expert technicians, dentists, nurses, and therapists, we can carry out not just amalgam replacements but some of the more complex treatments like dental implants, implant retained dentures and root canal.

With our in-house dental laboratory we are able to produce, repair and alter removable dental appliances like dentures, night guards, anti-snoring and sports mouthguards faster and to a higher quality than anywhere else in Swindon!

What Our Clients Say

What a great team of people. Thanks for making me feel so comfortable

Friendly and calm. My partner hates dentists but loved this one so 5 stars from me just stopping him from moaning.

Such an amazing practice! Offer everything when it comes to dentistry and the quality of service is outstanding! If you are a nervous patient then you should definitely go there 🙂 And you also get a free coffee/tea with a biscuit! How amazing is that?

The safe and effective amalgam replacement available for YOUR perfect smile. A beautiful smile makes a tremendous impact on your life. We can help. Book a FREE consultation & Check-Up to find out how we can help

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