Looking into how you can provide the best care for your newborn, teaching good habits so your child will never have to overly worry about their oral health – let’s make it second nature for them. Here’s how with our 5 reasons as to why baby dental care is important.


why baby dental care is important


5 reasons why baby dental care is important


It’s best to implement good dental habits from an age where most think that it’s not needed. Why?


Tooth decay


Well, brushing the baby’s gums is vital because they are prone to tooth decay (bottle tooth decay) due to the sugary milk. When you brush the baby’s gums you are preventing tooth decay early.




It’s another activity to help the parents to bond with their child.


Simply, to make life easier


Babies are impressionable – like sponges. Babies are also easier to control, as you do everything for them until they gain some independence, once they’re a child they’ll know that brushing is vital. Therefore, in the long run you won’t have to try so hard to make them understand as a child.


It’s harder to teach a child then it is to teach a baby


Sticking on the route to an easy life,┬áso It’ll be easier for you, as a parent, in the long run. As children grow older they become more defiant, especially if they don’t understand the importance of something. Think back to a time as a child where you couldn’t understand the concerns of an adult but now you do understand. However, poor dental hygiene can cause lasting effects so it’s not great to only just understand the importance of good dental care as an adult, so you need to make them understand as a child.Your child will understand the importance of good oral hygiene and practice good habits throughout their life.


Boosting their quality of life (confidence)


Jumping way into the future. Teeth are by far one of the things that people judge the most, with most people having the same idea on what a nice set of teeth look like (whereas other physical characteristics differ due to preference).


Life as a whole can be improved over 60% with healthy, clean, nice looking teeth. Read more on the importnace of a good smiles here ? https://thehillsdentalspa.com/blog/cosmetic-dentistry/how-important-is-it-to-have-an-attractive-smile/



Following our reasons on why baby dental care is important but how do you brush a baby’s gums?


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