Why we are VOTING OUT

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In a nutshell, both Simon & I will be voting out because we believe it’s the best way forward for the UK economy – Please note that both our views have nothing to do with immigration.

Simon and I have been working hard building our business; Smiles Centre since 1st January 2000, we started this company from literally nothing, we were working from a garage producing work with the very minimum of materials, stock and tools. Over the last 16 years, we have built this business to where it is today;  Thriving company with 25 staff, a business that contributes to the community, creates job’s and helps a lot of our patients to smile. We have four dentists covering six days per week and our annual turnover is in excess of £1m. However, we still have to work really, really hard to produce a healthy profit, we have, like most companies existing finance that helped us to grow to the stage we are now, we are not insecure but…

We have a LOT to lose

With this in mind, although, it’s obvious there will be a few draw backs on voting out, in our opinion it is without any doubt that staying to remain in the EU is detrimental for us a growing small business.
Small business make up 99.7% of the private sector in the UK, our voice and opinion is important.

This is our Reasons

It’s clear that having good terms with our European neighbours is a essential, but the European Union as it stand’s isn’t about trade, it’s worth remembering that Countries are not businesses, if German car manufactures wish to trade with British car sales, then they will but we don’t need the Union to dictate any terms and conditions, it should be business as usual, FREE TRADE.
A vote to remain doesn’t mean keeping thing’s as they are, it means handing over more power to an un-elected group of people who will make decisions for us and we won’t have a voice, we won’t have a vote like this ever again. Just seven years ago, David Cameron said that we are more than capable of leaving the EU, he’s clearly changed his opinions but very, very little has changed. We strongly take the view that the EU is a big boys cartel named the “single market” and is bad for British business and our National income. We want to be part of a Europe that is open to trade, that allows us to trade with the rest of the world without restriction.

This vote decides who should run the UK, the British people or the EU

Labour Out
I switched back to labour when Jeremy Corbyn succeeded to become leader, it seemed like we had finally got someone of true labour values and so, I joined labour party as a member. I was aware of Jeremy Corbyn’s stance as a Euro Sceptic and I bitterly disappointed that he has appeared to do a u-turn in favour of party politics. Let’s be clear about one thing, he doesn’t represent the feelings of all the labour party members, there is VERY big movement for labour out, you only need to read the comments on Jeremy Corbyn’s social media pages to understand that I am very much not alone with my views. To be fair, if I believed that Jeremy Corbyn could wave a magic wand and actually change the EU as he seems to think it can be, then I’d reconsider but we are not voting for a reformed EU, we are voting for something very different.

Cultural Differences
We believe our Government (representing the British public) should be the ones making decisions for Britain and more control should be handed back to local councils, there is a massive social and culture variation by simply comparing two cities such as Newcastle and London, let alone comparing a town in Poland or the UK. Different weather, social, economic etc etc… You cannot have one union deciding laws and factors for such a large scope of variation, big isn’t always better. What I strongly believe is that they are trying to create is a United States of Europe and it’s going to fail, whether we vote out or remain.

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Lack of Skills
In the dental industry there is a lack of skilled people, this is pushing up the cost of dentistry, now there are a few reasons that I believe are the cause of this. Firstly, there is an agenda of sorts to disrupt the NHS, there is without doubt a strong movement towards health care privatisation and the politics behind this is driving out skilled NHS workers, on-top of this the cost of education and difficulty in obtaining a degree in dentistry is another detrimental factor. Now, there are very highly skilled doctors, dentists and other similar qualified professionals that wish to come here to practice from outside the EU but because the EU is so open to Europeans, it’s actually creating difficulties for people outside the EU, it’s countering against it’s own so called “free movement policy”. I don’t know what the answer is with immigration in general but surely we shouldn’t be preventing highly skilled workers from coming to our country for whom jobs are waiting and in fact are often in desperate need.

Workers Rights & Pay
One big factor being banded about by the Remain campaign is that we will be left with a Tory party that will be free to do what they like, they are going to strip away all workers rights and somehow the country is going to be flooded by bad companies trying to screw over their employees.
This is quite frankly; ridiculous, the EU is basically set up in the interests of the massive global co-operations who generally tend to have other motives than their employee’s rights. Without a hint of irony that the remain’ campaign insists, that the EU “defends and protects workers rights” while at the very same time the EU tells workers in Greece, that a six-day-working-week must be introduced as the new norm, the EU is a ruthless, Neo-liberal capitalist machine, it didn’t secure workers rights, this was fought for and won mostly but the labour party, I do not believe that all this will be stripped away if we vote out and leave the Torries in charge until our next election in a few years time at which point, we get to vote again for change.

I have no idea, where they are getting their poll results or how many have actually voted in these polls. I haven’t seen a single official poll or been asked. What I have seen is that on a prominent Swindon Facebook page, there is over 1000 voters there with over 70% backing leave. I have seen many other online polls that are displaying results of around 80-90% backing leave. I speak to many people of walks of life and they all give me a similar result especially in my network of business owners across the Country. I am certain The British public are going to vote out on June 23rd and it’s not surprising that some polls are now showing a swing towards a Brexit.

Let’s vote out and then if the Europe does reform and it becomes a sound decision to re-join, then of course we can look at that and perhaps vote again. Whatever the result, there will be winners and losers but we feel it it’s about short term pain for long term gain, good luck Britain.

Stuart Miles, partner, Smiles Centre, Swindon.

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